High court ruling impacts Massachusetts gun licensing rules – Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, Massachusetts 2022-07-04 16:39:00 –


Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey Charles Kurpa / Associated Press

Boston (AP) —Massachusetts Police Chief must not refuse permission or impose restrictions on guns just because the applicant has no “just cause” to carry them. The state prosecutor’s chief said the ruling in the light of the recent US Supreme Court.

Attorney General Maura Healey released guidance for police chiefs on Friday following a decision to overturn the gun permit law in New York. Under that law, New Yorkers had to show good reason or real need to carry hidden pistols in public for self-defense.

According to Healy’s guidance, the Massachusetts police chief if the applicant is a “banned person” or if the chief determines that it is inappropriate to carry a gun to pose a risk to public security. However, the applicant can be considered exempt from the license.

Police can also ask the applicant why they are applying for a mobile license. However, according to Healy’s office, they believe that the person has no “just cause” and can no longer refuse or limit the license.

“From now on, if the applicant is not a banned person and is not inappropriate, the applicant must be issued an unlimited license for carrying,” says Democratic Healy guidance.

According to Massachusetts law, a person deemed appropriate is “or for any other reason” or “just cause for fear of injury” to himself or his property, such as “use only in sports or target practice”. If you indicate, you can get a mobile license.

A Massachusetts court previously ruled that if someone could not provide “just cause for fear of injury,” the police chief could put restrictions on the license that allowed him to carry it only in certain circumstances.

In some communities, applicants had to show that they had a reason to fear injury that would distinguish them from the general public in order to obtain an unlimited license. If they did not give a good reason, the license was restricted for specific purposes such as hunting or target practice.

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High court ruling impacts Massachusetts gun licensing rules Source link High court ruling impacts Massachusetts gun licensing rules

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