Here’s Kim Kardashian’s promo for “SNL” with Halsey – Hollywood Life


In the “Saturday Night Live” promotion, Kim Kardashian shuts down the start of a girl band with Halsey and Cecily Strong, joking that hosting gigs will be “easy” for her.

Kim Kardashian Will be displayed next to Halsey When Cecily Strong In promotion of her debut hosting gig Saturday night live.. The video was released on October 7th and features Kim talking to Halsey and Cecily about the next gig. First, however, Cecily brings up the possibility that the trio will start a girl group together. “Never,” Halsey replied, adding that “I already said no when I pitched behind the scenes.”

In the second promotion, Cecily asks Kim if he’s “nervous” about doing his first sketch comedy. “Why? You don’t have to sketch, right?” Kim asks Cecily, “No.” Then Kim wonders.[Do I have to] Do you remember the line? And Halsey assures her, “No, they’re on the cue card.” But the most important question of all is, “Will everyone look as good as I do?” Cecily claims, “No, absolutely not!” And Kim is now convinced that the job will be “very easy”.

This is the first time Kim has hosted a show, she is currently watching her ex-husband, Kanye WestRun with live The previous stage. In fact, Kanye is reportedly quietly advising Kim prior to the big night of October 9th. [Kim] About her performance, the opening soliloquy, and even the costumes for the show. ” Page 6 report. The rapper’s last appearance at the show was the September 2018 premiere. Notorious rant on stage and, SNL Cast him “bullied” to be Donald Trump Supporter.

Of course, Kim and her family were joking ass SNL For years, and now, real-life stars will have the opportunity to participate in their own actions. She has been in New York since the beginning of the week to prepare for the live show.Of course, many of her Wild costume She’s getting a lot of attention as she’s filmed every day, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she’s wearing on stage at the actual main event!

Here’s Kim Kardashian’s promo for “SNL” with Halsey – Hollywood Life

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