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    Here’s everything Amazon announced this morning, from smart thermostats to security robots – TechCrunch

    Amazon held an event this morning, and awesome, awesome, they announced a lot. Smart thermostat! Flying security camera! Robot companion!

    Didn’t adjust or didn’t have time to catch everything? Here’s a summary of the biggest news:

    Smart thermostat

    Image credit: Amazon

    Amazon Building a thermostat, Partner with Honeywell to achieve that. Of course, it’s compatible with Alexa and you can say “Alexa, turn off AC” and so on. For only $ 60 (about half the cost of the cheapest Nest), they definitely aim to cut the market here.

    Echo show 15

    Amazon Echo Show 15

    Image credit: Amazon

    NS Echo show that can be mounted on the wall This looks like a framed photo. It aims to blend into the room while providing one-tap access to reminders, calendars, security camera views and more. Works in portraits or landscapes. It costs $ 250

    Custom sound detection

    Now you can teach Alexa: Recognize new sounds Then take action when you hear it. The example given was to teach Alexa to recognize a beep and send a notification when the refrigerator was left open.

    A little disney

    Image credit: Amazon / Disney

    Amazon’s voice assistant technology Come to “tens of thousands” of hotel rooms at Walt Disney World ResortGuests can say “Hey Disney” to ask questions about when the park will open, when the next shuttle will arrive, and request towels. If there’s one thing people like in a hotel room, it’s Mike. right? Who?

    Amazon glow

    Image credit: Amazon

    Leaning hard on the “video call with grandparents” part of the pandemic, Amazon Interactive tablet / projector stuff for kids and families.. An 8-inch screen connects the child to a distant family, and a built-in projector shoots the game on a touch-sensitive surface in front of it. Family members on the other side of the video Hangouts can chat and play together while interacting with the game through the tablet. Amazon has partnered with Disney, Mattel and Nickelodeon to work on the game. It will be available at an “early access price” of $ 250 and will eventually rise to $ 299.

    Hello view

    Amazon Hello Accessories

    Amazon digs deeper into the field of exercise / health, this time starting waterproofing, Fitbit-style wristband with built-in display for $ 80..Also start Hello fitness, A collection of hundreds of streamable video workouts, and Halo Nutrition aimed at helping with meal planning and grocery shopping.

    Flying security camera

    Ring Always Home Cam

    Remember that wild drone camera The ring was announced last year?? A person who flies around your home to record footage while you’re away? They didn’t initially announce when it would actually be available (probably because everyone wanted to wait until it was available). Reference of their half-life (Don’t get in the way), but the company says it’s up for purchase now on an invitation-only basis.

    Ring virtual security guard

    The ring is Start the subscription monitoring service For their doorbells and outdoor cameras; allowing access to specific cameras, Ring’s “Virtual Security Guard Agent” tunes to live feeds, communicates with viewers, and triggers sirens on the device. You can respond to alerts by calling or calling emergency services.

    Ring site security

    Ring is also building a special kit of hardware tailored specifically for construction and contractor sites. It comes in a luxurious hard case for moving the system between sites, useful for tasks such as monitoring whether the gate is open or closed. And it’s all orange, because it’s construction!

    New flashing one

    Amazon blink doorbell

    Image credit: Amazon

    Amazon acquired Blink in 2017 and another security camera maker at Ring in 2018. Rather than consolidating the two brands into one, Blink generally remains a more affordable line. This morning, they announced a $ 50 smart doorbell with 1080p video and two years of battery life, a $ 140 outdoor floodlight security camera, and an optional $ 40 solar panel add-on for that floodlight. ..


    Image credit: Amazon

    Amazon is building a $ 999 robot that rolls around the house like a little Wally with Alexa.There’s a lot going on here, from home mapping to security features, so you probably need to check out the Brian heaters. Dig deeper here..

    Here’s everything Amazon announced this morning, from smart thermostats to security robots – TechCrunch Source link Here’s everything Amazon announced this morning, from smart thermostats to security robots – TechCrunch

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