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    Here are the 23 companies pitching at Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day XXVIII today – TechCrunch

    It’s time again!Today is the 28th demo day AlchemistAccelerators that focus primarily on businesses, or businesses that sell primarily to other businesses, rather than directly to consumers.

    This latest cohort is offered by 23 companies. Like the last few batches of alchemists, this was completely virtual. The move that Alchemist director Raviberani told me pointed out that attendance on Virtual Demonstration Day was “100% more” than the actual equivalent.

    I jumped on the phone with Verani. Verani gave an overview of what each company is doing and shared some updates on the accelerator itself. Some of those updates:

    • Alchemist has raised an additional $ 4 million to invest with the support of NEC, Johnson Controls, and Nornickel.
    • Accelerators (via the AlchemistX division) are working with government agencies to start building regional programs to understand how to foster local startups. The first program will start in Canada, Japan and South Korea. In Canada, for example, we are working with Innovate Edmonton on an accelerator program. Focus on community safety..
    • The alchemist company currently raises more than $ 1.7 billion in total.

    Alchemist Demo Day Livestreamed late today It starts at 10:30 am in the Pacific Ocean.

    Meanwhile, the 23 companies scheduled to be announced later today are listed below.

    Codelock: An automated system aimed at preventing unauthorized changes to company applications by signing and monitoring “every line of code”.

    create: A simplified platform for buying and selling NFTs. This allows authors to quickly put together a white-labeled NFT marketplace that works friendly with multiple blockchains.

    EngFlow: A system that aims to allow developers to compile their code faster (5-10 times faster in the cited example) by distributing the build process across multiple machines.

    Speech: A text-to-speech tool for creating audiobooks from synthetic speech. Allow publishers to choose from over 200 voices and fine-tune their results (pace, pause, etc.) to their liking.

    Mood bit: An AI-based system that aims to detect when an employee loses interest or has burnout, and automatically proposes “science-based nudge.”

    Knowlon: A virtual assistant built exclusively for industrial service workers, where you can say, “Why does this machine get hot?” Then read it through the service manual for that machine and ask them to provide insight into what’s wrong. It also helps to flag which machines are causing the most problems and slowdowns.

    11Sight: Browser-based video / audio call widget. You can place it on your website to quickly connect potential customers and sales teams, track leads, and integrate that data into your CRM accordingly.

    Bright app: An all-in-one platform for virtual personal trainers (weightlifting, yoga, dance, etc.) to assist with processing such as bookings and payments. According to the company, more than 2,000 trainers have already participated.

    Copyright Delta: A blockchain-based platform for identifying and managing who owns media rights.

    Gaudium.AI: Generation AI to help social media teams come up with new posts and generate their own copy within the specification.

    Arcturus: A “climate data analysis” tool that helps companies identify shortcomings in sustainability planning, or helps asset managers determine how climate change and new regulations affect their portfolios.

    AltComm: An in-house tool aimed at making it easier and more accurate for patients with communication barriers to communicate with their doctors.

    On-track rehabilitation: A home training program aimed at improving the balance of the elderly and reducing falls. Evaluate your progress through 15 minutes of exercise four times a week.

    Sensory robotics: Computer vision based safety system for factories. Use redundant 3D cameras to monitor things like robot arms that are about to collide with humans and adjust their behavior (decelerate, stop, or change machine path) accordingly.

    Command: To be honest, a little crazy, Direktiv pitches to the cloud as a platform-independent “event-driven serverless orchestration engine.”

    Ember Medical: Telemedicine and physician appointment platform built for the Middle East / North Africa. According to the company, the platform currently has more than 900 doctors.

    Simularge: Create “digital twins” on the production line to help you find inefficiencies and potential cost savings.

    Fixtender: A platform for processing / supervising bids for large construction projects, aimed at migrating the process from email / spreadsheets to something much more confined and easily viewable.

    Image credit: Tensor field

    Tensor field agriculture: Autonomous weeding robot for agriculture. Use computer vision to identify weeds in crops and accurately spray and kill heated vegetable oils.

    Exovibe: A “digital ergonomics” platform that uses motion-capture data to identify workplace ergonomic risks and preferably prevent injuries.

    Freightify: Freightify sells itself as “Shopify for maritime freight” and provides freight carriers with an online store and tools to handle it.we I wrote about Freightify here.

    Esper Bionics: Build a prosthetic hand that is said to “improve and improve over time”. Power signal detection by machine learning allows it to grow more accurately as the user wears it.

    QVALON: Cloud-based platform for retail store management. Retail teams can communicate, track tasks, report issues, and monitor performance.

    Here are the 23 companies pitching at Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day XXVIII today – TechCrunch Source link Here are the 23 companies pitching at Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day XXVIII today – TechCrunch

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