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    Heightened food worries linked to worse mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

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    The COVID-19 pandemic and associated blockade may have exacerbated many Canadians’ concerns about food insecurity and adversely affected their mental health, according to a national survey conducted in the first wave.

    Young people and those who had Household income Below $ 50,000, you’re more likely to worry that you have enough food To meet the needs of the family, says Dr. Corey McCorriff, a postdoctoral fellow at the UBC Nursing School in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

    Indigenous participants, existing people Mental health statusPeople with disabilities, or children under the age of 18 who live in their homes also tended to worry about food supply.

    “13% of Canadian households have some Food insecurity Before the pandemic, “she says.

    “When the pandemic broke out, multiple problems clashed and their concerns were greatly raised. Shopping for groceries became stressful. I didn’t know how the virus would spread. Food We figured out how to effectively disinfect the product. We were short of important staples such as flour and rice, and even bread, “adds Dr. McCorriff, who was recently named one of Canada. health The system affects researchers.

    And more people are worried about them Food supply, Their mental health has deteriorated.

    “People who felt food concerns were almost twice as likely to report deterioration in mental health as those who did not,” Dr. McCorriff said. “They were more likely to experience anxiety and depression. Even more worrisome, they were more than three times more likely to experience suicidal ideation.”

    It is important to understand that the relationship between food security and mental health is very important, says one of the authors of the paper, a food, nutrition and health specialty taught at UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Home Dr. Jennifer Black adds. ..

    “This study shows increasing evidence that so many Canadians are worried that they will not have a stable availability of enough food to meet the basic needs of their homes. It reflects, and also reflects important overlaps between some of the most pressing public health issues, such as poverty, inadequate and unfair access to food, and poor mental health, “she said. say.

    As a next step, researchers will consider how food-related concerns and eating habits were affected during and after the pandemic.

    “Our research and advocacy needs to continue to seek more effective strategies to give everyone physical, social and financial access to adequate, safe and nutritious foods. There is. This study reminds us that all Canadians have both sufficient income and access to the basic essentials of life, “reminds us that it is essential for physical and mental health,” said Dr. Black. Says.

    A recent paper, “A Study of the Relationship between Food Anxiety and Mental Health in the Early Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada” Canadian Public Health Journal. We analyzed responses from 2,903 individuals living in Canada. mental health Impact of Pandemic Conducted by the UBC and the Canadian Mental Health Association. The study is co-led by Dr. Emily Jenkins, a professor at the UBC Nursing School, and Dr. Anne Gadermann, a professor at the School of Population and Public Health.

    Food shortages associated with lack of mental health services during a pandemic

    For more information:
    Corey McAuliffe et al examines the association between food anxiety and mental health in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, Canadian Journal of Public Health (2021). DOI: 10.17269 / s41997-021-00557-w

    Quote: Increasing food concerns related to mental health deterioration during the COVID-19 pandemic (September 23, 2021) https: // Obtained from -mental.html on September 23, 2021

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    Heightened food worries linked to worse mental health during COVID-19 pandemic Source link Heightened food worries linked to worse mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

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