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Shannon Beador made another attempt to apologize to Heather Dubrow in the episode “RHOC” on December 22, but Heather wasn’t interested in forgiving her at all.

Shannon Beder I learned a tough lesson about following Heather DubrowFamily during the December 22nd episode of Real housewife in Orange County, When they finally came face-to-face and tried to hash everything Nicole James (Also known as Nicole Weiss) Drama..

Viewers should know that when Shannon first learned that Heather was a friend of Nicole James (a woman he knew a few years ago), Shannon once sued Heather’s husband. I told some of her co-stars what I was trying to do Doctor Terry Dubrow With a failed breast augmentation surgery. Since then, Nicole has been married and renamed, so Heather was unaware of the proceedings. But what’s interesting is that Heather didn’t even care about the proceedings. Nicole dropped it many years ago, so he didn’t even terry. However, Heather wasn’t happy with Shannon, who spread the information among the cast. If Shannon had the information and went directly to her, she would have liked it.

Heather Dubrow (Bravo)

Shannon tried to apologize to Heather many times, but Heather revealed that she wasn’t interested in forgiving her former friends. And there was no difference this week either.

After Shannon tried to apologize to Heather — again — Emily SimponParty for her husband, ShaneHeather asked Emily if there was a private place where she and Shannon could talk. Emily guided them to the courtyard next to the house, when Heather gave Shannon it.

“I’ve heard from everyone. I feel I understand the facts well. And what you say in detail doesn’t change my mind,” Shannon saddens in her eyes. Heather started when he gazed at him. “I think you made a big mistake in your decision. And I’m going to say this — and I’m sorry if this sounds difficult, but this is how I feel. If you But So far When you come back after me or my family, you will lose more than my friendship. This costs a lot. And I’m not saying this as a threat — I’m saying it as a promise. “

RHOC Recap bravo embed 2
Shannon Beder (Bravo)

Wow! Good luck, Shannon.

others RHOC news, Noera BergenerThe divorce drama continued this week. She sought comfort from Nicole, who was embarrassed by Noera’s emotional outburst at the restaurant they met. However, it was this outing that Noera called Heather a “fake,” and Nicole later shared that information with Mrs. Dubrow. When Heather met at Emily’s house, Heather did not confront Noera, presumably because her attention was directed to Shannon. Over time, it will be known if Heather will chase Noera.

Want more drama?New episode of Real housewife in Orange County Broadcast on Bravo at 9 pm on Wednesday.

Heather Dubrow Threatens Shannon Beader — Summary – Hollywood Life

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