Heat awareness week: tips for staying safe – Tucson, Arizona


Tucson, Arizona 2022-05-25 09:51:52 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —This week is a heat-aware week across Arizona. From drinking plenty of water to wearing loose clothing, the first respondents said it was important to stay safe in the heat, even for the most skilled Arizona.

Scott Rob, Chief Operating Officer of the Golder Ranch Fire District, said he had already rescued many hikers due to a heat-related illness. Many people are unaware that when they go hiking, they need to drink 1-2 liters of water a day.

“The biggest challenge we face is that people don’t bring enough water,” he said. “You know Catalina State Park, Romero Pool. There isn’t much shade and it’s hot so I sneak up.”

He also said it was important to tell someone to go hiking with friends, or at least where and when they were hiking.

“It’s easier to find someone else than you,” he said. “When you see a febrile seizure, you’re dazzlingly crazy. You may not be able to see it in yourself, so be aware that you may be experiencing these things. . “

Approximately 3,000 people are hospitalized for fever-related illnesses each year in Arizona, which is the leading cause of weather-related death. In 2021, the Arizona Department of Health reported that the heat killed more than 500 people.

The Salvation Army will begin chill-out operations on June 1st, distributing water to those experiencing homelessness.

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Heat awareness week: tips for staying safe Source link Heat awareness week: tips for staying safe

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