Monday, November 29, 2021

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    Healthcare group sparks recruitment war for medics with private hospital in London

    Healthcare companies planning to open a new private hospital in London have begun a recruitment war for top-notch medical staff by offering them high fixed salaries.

    The Cleveland Clinic, which plans to open its first general hospital in the British capital next year, is trying to attract specialists in orthopedics, neurology, cardiology and other disciplines, with annual salaries of £ 300,000 to £ 350,000. Two days a week. Less than that, according to people in two rival hospital chains.

    Cleveland breaks the norm by hiring 270 doctors on a fixed salary. Private hospitals in the UK typically use doctors employed by the state-funded NHS, who work on a service charge basis in their spare time.

    Paid packages offered by a US-based group caused a hilarious go-round for consultants, “like the Premier League on the transfer deadline,” said one unnamed private hospital. Another hospital chain managing director said: That makes it difficult. ”

    “The market has been forced to adjust,” he added. “They are fine-tuning everyone’s payments.”

    Cleveland Clinic London, which will open a 184-bed site near Buckingham Palace in January, said doctors “paid the market price for skill, clinical outcome, and range of roles.”

    He said most of the work was still part-time and doctors could continue to work at the NHS.

    One industry consultant said healthcare professionals can typically earn between £ 100,000 and £ 500,000 a year, depending on how many days it took for their specialty and private work. However, it is not guaranteed with a fixed salary.

    Cleveland’s approach “is a major challenge to existing ways of working in this sector,” said Ted Townsend, an analyst at Laing Buisson consultancy.

    Traditionally, consultants have had medical privileges in four or five private hospitals in London and worked wherever they found the patient. “This was suitable for the hospital. The hospital didn’t have to pay the consultant as if there were no patients that week or month,” Townsend added.

    “But by hiring directly for all non-NHS work, with or without patients, the Cleveland Clinic bears the financial risk of finding enough patients to keep the consultant busy.”

    The Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic has 19 hospitals and 220 outpatient facilities worldwide and employs fixed-term staff to reward physicians based on surgery, procedures, or number of patients. Will not be paid, which will facilitate the continuation of care, teamwork, and good practices. ..

    British private hospitals Rapid increase in self-pay Townsend added that the Covid-19 pandemic caused the patient, which could be due to the backlog rather than a fundamental change in the patient’s behavior.

    Prior to the pandemic, the number of privately-owned patients being treated in London did not actually increase, with foreign patients returning to the same extent, accounting for an average of 15% of the pre-coronavirus capital’s income. I don’t know if it is.

    According to LaingBuisson, the opening of the Cleveland Clinic London will increase the capacity of private inpatient beds in the capital by 14% and provide an additional operating room capacity of 9%. It has more advanced facilities than many private hospitals with 29 intensive care unit beds and has the potential to perform a variety of surgeries such as cardiology, neurology and gastroenterology.

    Other new folk medical capabilities will be available next year, including the new 55-bed Nuffield Health at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in the city, “Hospitals compete to attract insured and out-of-pocket patients. Therefore, the possibility of price competition increases. Townsend said.

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