Health leaders accuse ministers of bungling rollout of UK booster jab


Health and science advisers say the government has failed to deploy Covid-19 boosters and school vaccinations in the UK due to growing concern that a violent campaign could impose new restrictions on ministers. Blame.

Experts stuttering vaccination programs are only the result of declining demand when national advertising campaigns began this weekend on billboards, radio and television to draw attention to the flu and covid jab. Not a logistic failure.

About half of the people who are eligible for the third dose have not yet appeared. About 4.5 million people in the UK have received booster shots, but more than 5 million have not. Meanwhile, the vaccination rate has been reduced. In the week ending October 22, a 1.8m shot was administered. This was half the peak of the April vaccine program, with 3.6m being jabbed in a week.

Professor Azeem Majeed, Dean of Primary Care and Public Health at Imperial College London, said the NHS vaccine drive is “fragmented” and “lacks national leadership.” New Vaccine Minister Maggie Throup..

As a sign of government scrambling to get the booster program, NHS drafted and led the deployment of Emily Lawson, the former head of the vaccine program, from the 10th Delivery Unit.

“The NHS is fighting war on many fronts in its vaccination campaign, which used to have only one program, but now there are four,” Majeed explained.

In addition to deploying influenza vaccinations, he said that “juggling” booster campaigns for health care workers over the age of 50 and immunosuppressed schools caused “tissue dysfunction.” Stated.

“Vaccine administration is much more unclear,” said David Salisbury, a former senior official in charge of immunization of the British government.

Salisbury said booster intake was hampered by an “inflexible” booking system that had to wait for people to be called, which people confused with flu vaccination. He added that delaying the opening of a walk-in clinic in the UK from the ages of 12 to 15 was a “mistake”.

The government sought to make access to both vaccine programs easier this week. People can now book their booster appointments. From friday yTeens have access to the Walk-in Jab Center for half a year…

But Salisbury also called for a change in the government’s message to maximize uptake. “The impression comes from above that the pandemic is over and life is back to normal,” he said.

He pointed out that a “greater sense of urgency” from the government could change some of the remaining Japanese soldiers, and compared to the first campaign, taking a third dose was “always inadequate.” He added that.

Maggie Wear Mouse, a member of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI) and a general practitioner, said: They feel bulletproof, so they feel psychologically safe. “

A graph showing that people who received a second dose five months ago but do not have a booster make up 25% of the UK's population, but in much of Western Europe only half of that, is immune. It shows that weakness is a more urgent issue for Britain.Previously seen in Israel

Instead, politicians put pressure on JCVI, reducing the interval between the second dose and booster immunization from 6 months to 5 months. This will instantly expand eligibility to more than 9.3 million people across the UK. This is twice the current number. Former health minister Jeremy Hunt, who chairs the Health Task Force, called for policy changes on Thursday.

Boris Johnson said Thursday that it was a “very important point”, although JCVI has not yet discussed closing the gap, according to sources close to the Commission. However, Whitehall insiders claim that they are focusing on putting booster shots on the arms of already qualified people under the six-month rule.

However, health care leaders win the most tolerant of the third dose due to the practice of general practitioners who play the role of backseat compared to pharmacies and walk-in clinics in booster campaigns. Warns that it may be difficult.

The GP has reduced the number of Covid vaccination clinics and increased the time to focus on “business as usual” in response to criticism from the minister. Lack of face-to-face consultationAccording to Martin Marshall, chairman of the Royal College of General Practicians.

“The more general practice is involved, the more local the clinic will be, especially for the elderly. [uptake] The price will be higher. “

“Large sites … works well for people who are enthusiastic about vaccination,” Majeed added. “But many people who are a little hesitant need some whims …. Previously done by GPs or practicing nurses, but this time not so much.”

Over 60% of eligible UK over 80s had been boosted by October 22nd. In early positive developments, cases in that cohort are currently declining, but are increasing in all other age groups.

London School of Economics and Tropical Medicine.

A graph showing that the case rate is currently declining in the UK over the age of 80 (60% of whom have undergone booster shots) is still rising in all other age groups, with boosters at risk of infection. May show that you are working to reduce

Graham Medley, Chair of the Covid Modeling Advisory Group SPI-M, said:

“There is a risk [hospital pressures] It will exceed the level that the government and the public are ready to accept, “he added.

“It’s certainly true if they act early. [by introducing restrictions], They will have to do less than if they act later. .. .. But because of the boosters, they may not have to act at all. “

Additional Report by George Parker and Jim Pickard

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