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    Hannah is “still angry” after firing “under the deck med”

    Not on the same page. Captain SundiDecision to dismiss Hannah Feria After encountering various reactions, more than a year later, she revealed that she hadn’t talked to the chief stew yet.

    “She’s still angry. It’s very difficult for me because it wasn’t personal. It’s about my career,” said 56-year-old Sandy exclusively. We weekly About Season 5 Shocker during promotion Her chief ship tour.. “When the crew shows me something and the other three crew members are copied to it, my hands are tied. Yeah. I can’t.”

    Sandy, who worked with Hannah, 34, from 2017 to 2020, then decided to end the chief stew. Maria White Reported to her that she has barium and a CBD arc pen in her cabin.. For Sundi, maritime law prevented her from making other choices in that situation.

    Captain Sundi and Hannah Feria. Laurent Bassett / Bravo; Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

    “Also, when the level of trust for me as a captain is broken, I will not take anyone to the sea,” she said. We.. “Man [tried] To get my license for years, really, for what happened [with the] crew. “

    The captain, who currently has a “speed dial maritime lawyer,” is not malicious to his ex-colleague, While we were together at the Bravo show, my eyes didn’t meet.

    “Hannah, she has a dream. She lives a dream. She wanted a baby,” Sandy said. We About new mom We welcomed our daughter Ava in October 2020.. “In the past, I’ve done something I didn’t realize because I wanted it. But I didn’t know how to get out, so my actions were a loophole. Maybe it was part of her. I feel like, but I wish her the best. “

    Hannah said earlier We About Sandy’s After she announces her pregnancy, she tries to reach out to her.

    “When I announced my pregnancy and asked for an address to send something, she sent me a message, but I didn’t respond,” said the founding of the Ocean International Training Academy. Revealed in May. “I sometimes feel with her … she feels not honest with herself. As she says,” Oh, it wasn’t personal, “like firing.I said, “It was a bit funny, so it was like Cat [Held] Had that prescription drug Captain Lee I knew she wasn’t fired. I didn’t have to fire me for that. It was 100% personal, but I think anything useful for sleeping at night. “

    Hannah didn’t want to reconcile with her former Under the deck Mediterranean Co-star, she admitted it She didn’t mind discussing her problem with Sundi.

    “I think people can get confused because I feel this way and have been thinking this way for years, but the only reason I can talk about it now is that I’ll never be her again. I know I won’t work with him, Hannah added at the time.

    Sandy may not have been able to get Hannah to look at her side, but she’s excited for fans to learn more about her during her tour. This 22-city event will explore Sundi’s life before fame and will be attended by musical guests.

    “I want to use this platform to inspire others,” she said. We.. “Thanks to Bravo, we have reached so many Americans. I wasn’t looking for the maritime industry. I fell into it. Now many are aware of it. I I wish Bravo came out as a kid and this show came out because I went another way so I discovered this earlier and I think my life was much less painful. And that’s exactly what it is, and it talks about music. “

    Under the deck Mediterranean Bravo will air on Monday at 9 pm EST. New episodes will be dropped on Peacock one week early on Monday.

    Report by Christina Garibaldi

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    Hannah is “still angry” after firing “under the deck med”

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