Have you watched Hamilton live on Broadway before? If you haven’t, then this article is for you.

You’ve probably already heard that Hamilton is one of the biggest musicals in history. Well, I can still give you some heads up to get your mind prepared for this great work by Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Hamilton.” Not everyone is a fan of the musical, but this musical has brought many young and old people to theatres. Hamilton has a lot of thrillers in it; it is about love, betrayal, and death. This article will give you a better understanding of the popular Hamilton.

Please note that this is not a spoiler alert because that would be totally unfair. This is just a list of some keynotes you need to know before going in to watch Hamilton live on Broadway.

Here is a list of some things you need to know before you see the most talked-about musical, “Hamilton.”

Hamilton is the story of the founding fathers.

We all probably know about the founding fathers; well, Hamilton is about some of the notable founding fathers; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the main character of the musical, Alexander Hamilton. The musical is mostly about the life of Hamilton, his rise from a “bastard orphan” to being the right-hand man to the first president of America, George Washington. He was also the first secretary of the Treasury. After starting his family, he made a grave mistake that cost him a lot and finally his death.

You will definitely enjoy every bit of this musical, and it will help you understand and appreciate the founding founders. 

If you are a rap fan, that’s a bonus for you.

Hamilton is a special kind of music that appeals to both the young and old. Most of the songs in the musical are rap songs inspired by popular rappers. Some of the raps are fast, some are moderate, but you will definitely pick every word. This significant part about the musical makes it so enjoyable and interesting.  

How long does the musical last?

The running time for Hamilton is two hours forty-five minutes (2hrs:45mins). Is that too much for you? Trust me, you’ll enjoy every bit of time spent, you wouldn’t even want to leave the theatre, hoping for more when it ends. Hamilton is indeed a masterpiece from Lin-Manuel.

Who exactly is Alexander Hamilton?

Have you ever seen a $10 bill? Well, that’s Alexander. He is the first Secretary of Treasury, the founder of the nation’s financial system, and the only guy on the $10 bill. Alexander Hamilton is a really significant man. He has an influence on the nation’s constitution, the founder of Daily News Papers, and many more. He achieved a lot in his short life. He was ambitious and went for whatever he wanted. He started from a very small point and ended up being one of the founding fathers of a great nation. You will get to know more about him when you watch the musical. Hamilton musical and give you a great insight into who Alexander Hamilton is.

You will learn a lot from the musical.

You will get to learn and know a lot about the history of America from Hamilton. It is easy to understand, and after watching it, you will definitely want to read and google more about the history of America, especially Alexander. This musical has made the almost forgotten founding father, Alexander Hamilton, known by many in America and other nations. You will not just learn a lot, but you will also have a great time seeing Hamilton live on Broadway.

It doesn’t make a difference that it’s not the original cast.

The cast of Hamilton changes from time to time, but it doesn’t make any difference because the acts are always superb and the same. The original cast of Hamilton, including the composer and writer Lin-Manuel playing Alexander Hamilton, does not perform all the time from when it was first premiered. The new cast performs when they are on tour most times, and they are also as good as the initial cast and generate the same effect. Both casts are so talented and passionate about the musical.

The set is simple

Hamilton” set is a simple set with some movable staircases and a central turntable used during most of the performance, but each performance has a different vibe to it. The costumes are a complete replica of Revolutionary American fashions. The set will definitely make you feel like you were really there where it all began.

Seeing the performance live is way better.

I have seen the live performance, and I’ve also seen the Disney version, but I prefer seeing it fine. It makes a whole lot of difference. You will feel like you are part of the show when you watch it live. You will have a clear view of the emotions on the faces of the actors, and you are definitely going to be captivated by their acts.

Most of the storylines are true!

When you see the musical, you will get to understand this more. Yea, some of the parts in Hamilton are fiction, but most of them actually happened. Getting into full details will lead to a spoiler alert, so you just have to see it for yourself. Like I said before, Hamilton is about the founding fathers of America

Will I like “Hamilton”?

Of course, you will definitely like Hamilton. Hamilton is a mixture of action, comedy, romance, and many more. If you haven’t seen any musical or you are not a fan of the musical, Hamilton will surely make you appreciate musicals more. It has a touch of everything, and the rap combination in it makes it off the hook. Seeing what they say is believing! Get to see the musical first so that you can judge it yourself.

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