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    Guardianship improvement task force issues recommendations – Tampa, Florida

    Tampa, Florida 2021-09-23 17:41:05 –

    Tallahassee, Florida — For the last three months Guardianship improvement task force I met as a guardian to come up with a better way to protect Floridian. On Thursday, the group finalized their best recommendation.

    The group was formed by Florida Court Clerk and Comptroller Association.. Members of the Task Force include judges, clerk, lawyers, elected civil servants, and reform advocates. The Task Force has held six state-wide meetings since July, when the first meeting was held in St. Petersburg.

    “The purpose of this is to make legislative recommendations to enact and protect the ward,” said Ken Burke, Pinellas County Court Secretary, chair of the Task Force.

    The victim had enough

    ABC Action News I Team has been reporting for years How parents isolate, abuse, and exploit the people they care for under the current system. Victims of the broken system said there were enough members of the task force.

    One man explained how a professional guardian plundered his mother’s property after a lawyer provided the judge with misleading information to make her mother a guardian.

    “In the first six months of the guardian, she was charged $ 250,000,” he said.

    Another woman talked about how her mother was isolated by her guardian and forced to spend her holidays and even her birthday alone.

    “She was denied access to receive letters, phone calls, mail and food deliveries,” she said.

    “Stop shuffling the Titanic deckchairs and deal with the problem,” guardian reform advocate Rick Black told the Task Force.

    Recommendations for going to Florida Congressman

    Among the final recommendations:

    • Create guardian uniformity across Florida counties
    • Increase educational requirements for parents who currently take only 40 hours of course
    • Facilitates the process for guardians to regain their rights
    • Create a state-wide parent database showing the number of cases each parent has, information about each case, and disciplinary action taken against parents

    The next step is to provide those recommendations to lawmakers before the 2022 legislative meeting. Members of the Task Force have agreed to testify in front of the legislative committee within the next few months.

    If you have a story you would like I-Team to investigate, please email us at adam @

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