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    Greg Grippo: I Totally and Completely Fell in Love with Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette!

    Greg Grippo may or may not appear in the next season of his bachelor’s degree.

    It may sound ridiculous, but Grippo used to be This is considered highly sought after role.

    But that’s all we know for sure.

    Greg Grippo has no regrets about his bachelorette actions last season.

    When Katie Thurston recently ran as the leader of this franchise, the 28-year-old went so far, and eventually her mind during the infamous confrontation that Grippo screamed that he led him as Thurston. I got out of the run.

    Katie’s supposed crime at the time?

    She continues to date other men, even though she previously said she had feelings for Grippo.

    In other words, she acted as a bachelor.

    Greg Grippo of the set

    “I didn’t expect this to happen in the meantime [Katie] And me.

    In an episode of this week’s Kait Coaching podcast, Grippo confessed, “I never intended to continue to fall in love with that person.”

    “I think that’s very unlikely.

    “I think only a few selected people can feel something and actually build it with the people there.”

    Greg Grippo and Katie Thurston

    The pair grew close early in bachelor season 17, but Grippo turned on Thursday during their hometown date.

    He said he loved her. Thurston didn’t say it back. And Grippo began to lose it.

    “You filled the hole in my heart,” he told Katie during the August episode.

    “I have never given up on you. I have been fighting hard for you here … as long as it hurt me, I have reached my limit with this. I will give you I gave it all. I hope you find something. “

    Greg Grippo and Bachelorette

    After that, at ABC’s After Final Rose Special, Thurston tore Grippo on the air..

    “I never thought you were actually going to get engaged,” she told him.

    “I fill the hole in your heart, yet you treated me as you did. You spoke to me. You didn’t even say goodbye.

    “You say you love me, but that’s when I needed you the most, and you ran away, so I don’t think you even know what love is.”

    Greg Grippo image

    Grippo finally apologized for his actions.

    “[ファイナルローズの後]After leaving for the first time, I was confused. I wanted to end it with a good note between us, “he explained in the August Viall Files podcast.[AftertheFinalRose[becauseIreallywantedtoenditoffonagoodnotebetweenus”heexplainedontheViallFilespodcastinAugust[AftertheFinalRose[becauseIreallywantedtoenditoffonagoodnotebetweenus”heexplainedontheViallFilespodcastinAugust

    “But I saw how hurt she was, so I really tried to look back from her lens a second time. And yeah, I mean, how I react at those moments. I was embarrassed about what I did.

    “She didn’t deserve it simply and clearly. It wasn’t fair to her.”

    Greg Grippo and wine

    Relatedly, Katie credited After the Rose Special for allowing her ex-girlfriends to find the closure.

    “And that’s what people need to remember. After Final Rose, it’s about telling your own truth and putting it out there for its final closure.

    “And really that’s what both Greg and I could do,” she told Weekly at the time.

    “And we are ready to close that door forever and move forward. You can be happy and in love in your relationship, but still how someone treated you in the past I’m angry and you want to talk about it. “

    Greg Grippo says hello

    On Sunday, Greg recalled the lessons he learned after developing such a close relationship with singles.

    “It definitely evokes emotions. For example, for me, I immediately cancel almost everything physical and immediately get involved with that person,” he said.

    “To be honest, it’s really amazing to be able to get involved with someone so quickly and meet the most important people in my life without even doing anything physical. was.

    “That’s what I really appreciate about the whole process.”

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