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    Great Swimming Pool Ideas for Your California Home

    California is known for having great weather and plenty of houses with beautiful swimming pools. In the 70s due to a drought in California, backyard pools even served for skateboarding, helping invent bowl skating. Nowadays they’re mostly used for swimming, parties, and enjoying sunny days in the City of Angels. There are swimming pool types for every outdoor space from the above-ground to family and even indoor pools. There are plenty of amazing designs, sizes, and types used for various purposes.

    Below we’ll present a few popular types and designs you might want to consider for your Californian house.

    Great Swimming Pool Ideas for Your California Home

    Types of swimming pools

    Before you search for the most experienced mortgage broker Los Angeles has to offer, make sure you know what you want from your future house, and how much you can afford. When investing in a house with a pool, make sure it’s a good fit for you and your family. There are various types of swimming pools and it depends on your budget, availability of materials, and local codes. Here are a few popular types:

    Family pool

    A recreational swimming pool for the whole family that will make you feel as if you’re in a water park, only the space is smaller and you have fewer people. You may not have the space that celebrities have for their swimming pools, but you can still manage to make a fun space for everyone to enjoy. You can add some interesting water features, slides, and tunnels to make it interesting for everyone no matter the age.

    Indoor pool

    If you’re not a fan of the sun that usually shines in LA, you may consider an indoor pool with plenty of windows. Plus, it’s great that it is inside, under a roof, so even if it rains you can enjoy it. These types of swimming pools are usually simple, have geometric shapes, and are built for training and swimming throughout the year. Note that the cost for indoor heating pools can be lower since the room is insulated.

    Infinity pool

    These pools are among the most popular and are also known as infinity edge pools, vanishing edge pools, or disappearing edge pools. They’re custom-built and designed to highlight a view. If it’s done right it gives an illusion of water dropping off over the edge like a waterfall. However, they’re a bit more expensive, so if you have the budget then consider installing these types of amazing swimming pools.

    Amazing swimming pool design ideas

    Family fun pool

    If you have kids and want to make the swimming pool a space where they can enjoy long summer break days, then try to make it as fun as possible. A waterpark-like experience will guarantee enjoyment and it’s a great addition to your backyard as entertainment for guests. This can appeal to all ages since it can have stones, islands, waterfalls, and other artistic elements.

    Kidney-shaped pool

    The first kidney-shaped pool was designed by the architect Thomas Church for the Donnell family’s home in Sonoma, California. His design appeared in many magazines which made it a popular choice for residential swimming pools in LA. You can make a brick-lined kidney-shaped pool, with elevators, or a kidney-shaped spa.

    Spanish-style pool

    Spanish colonial architecture offers amazing designs for outdoor pools that include water features, tiles, and landscaping. Plenty of greenery around it including cactuses, and other succulents will only add to this amazing look. You can also consider placing a fire pit near the pool and you’ll be ready for amazing evenings by the pool enjoying Sangria wine.

    Modern cabana and pool

    A modern cabana near a pool with an architectural fountain feature and oversized plants will give a beautiful look to your house. You can add outdoor ceiling fans and heaters in the cabana, a built-in mosquito spray system, and a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy BBQ parties with family or friends. Adding a fireplace will make it look even better.

    Petite pool

    If the house doesn’t have much space in the backyard, you might as well try out an LA petite pool, and you can add a fountain and hand-painted tiles that make it appear larger. Also, you might consider adding seating inside the pool and making it a relaxing spa experience.

    Great Swimming Pool Ideas for Your California Home.jpg

    In closing

    Plenty of great types and designs of pools can make your home an enjoyable adventure. If you’re working from home, or simply enjoy staying indoors, having a pool is a must in LA. Whether you choose to enjoy it with your family, friends, or by yourself, a pool day is a great idea on any given day with good weather.



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