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TechCrunch Top 3

  • Google has invested up to $ 1 billion in Airtel: With a $ 700 million investment in Airtel and Indian telco and a $ 300 million “multi-year commerce deal,” Google has made its second big bet on India’s infrastructure. Recall that Google also put money into another Indian phone company, Geo. This deal underscores the importance of the country in the future of technology revenue.
  • The future of Europe: When it comes to funding, TechCrunch explored the future of the continent, following the news that European startups were large in 2021. Some expect a slowdown in peak activity, while others expect further acceleration. Regardless of which perspective you prefer, European venture investment is expected to continue to rise for some time to come.
  • Zapp raises $ 200 million: And when it comes to European startups, UK-based quick convenience delivery startup Zapp has just procured a large Series B. The company has previously raised $ 100 million. So this round was absolute and relatively big. This deal caught our eye as we see some integration in the area of ​​high speed delivery.

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  • Is the statutory city the future of Africa’s technological growth??? TechCrunch Tage Kene Okafor “African cities have the highest growth rates in the world,” leading to overcrowding. Some people believe that the statutory city provides the solution. All types of special economic zones have been tried before-do they provide a faster route to advance into African technology?
  • Individual learning is hot: In-house educational technology expert Natasa Mascarenhas Today, we have a great article about personalized learning startups (Learnfully, Wayfinder, Empowerly, etc.). These startups take remote school lessons seriously and are working to create better products for their children. It’s an encouraging and fascinating story.
  • Rise wants to recreate the team’s calendar: There is no shortage of apps on the market to help individuals and teams work together. But you may not need as much as we have. That’s why Rise makes me think. The team’s calendar app has just raised millions and can replace some of the tools I and my friends use. I suspect that the solution to the overload of tools in 2022 is intentionally less tools.
  • Canvas wants to allow non-technical people to squeeze answers out of their data.: Due to the shortage of developers, there is an explosion of no-code tools that allow people who do not sling their code to build their own. Similarly, the general lack of data science talent in the market is creating space for tools like Canvas. Canvas reports, “It has a spreadsheet-like interface that allows non-technical teams to access the information they need without disturbing the data team.”
  • Zigbang acquires Samsung IoT business: Last year’s IoT promise is being fulfilled, not fulfilled.Samsara Recently published Behind the scenes of the IoT business. It was a victory in that category. The fact that South Korean proptech startup Zigbang is buying Samsung’s IoT unit doesn’t seem a bit bullish.
  • Series F-tw?? Once upon a time, I would have mocked Series F as an indication that the company in question wasn’t published. But that was the time.Today’s Series F is not That rare. Moglix, India’s B2B marketplace, has raised one and its valuation has doubled to $ 2.6 billion. Tiger co-led a $ 250 million round.

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European and North American edtech startups expect funding to triple in 2021

Open your laptop and book on your desk, edtech

Image credit: Bet_Noire (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Pre-pandemic VCs are notorious for being reluctant to invest in education-related companies. Today, edtech start-ups are seeing a larger average transaction size, more seed and pre-seed funding from non-VC investors, and an influx of generalists.

Funding for edtech startups based in Europe and North America tripled last year, according to Rhys Spence, head of research at Brighteye Ventures.

“Exciting companies are born across regions and industries, and even generalist investors can generate the same kind of massive returns that this sector produces in fintech, healthtech and other sectors. We are confident that we can do it, “Spence writes.

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

  • He Huang, Northern Light Venture Capital, says the Chinese robot market is overheating.: According to investors, the situation is called a bubble because China’s robotics is “full of speculation and overrated companies.” It is worth noting that China’s central government is working to reconstruct the place where technology investment funds flow.
  • Robin Hood goes down, goes back: Following the company’s slumping earnings reports this morning, TechCrunch delves into why Robin Hood’s stock sold out yesterday and today during off-hours, pre-market, and early trading sessions. Robin Hood then turned around and gained enough position for the rest of the day. This is a strange market moment, but good news for FinTech in the United States.
  • Google will allow legacy GSuite users to move to free accounts: After offending technicians still using “GSuite Legacy Free Edition” Exit the program and request payment, Search giants have decided to “give more options to existing users,” TechCrunch reports. Somewhere in Google, a business decision just hit the market and turned my head over. I wonder who is calling the shot and if they used to work at McKinsey.

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