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    Google Pixel phones: 6 tempting reasons why you should buy one now

    Google Pixel phones are doing a lot for them.

    Juan Garzon / CNET

    Looking for a smartphone Google Photos, Chrome, Gmail And drive integration? If so, the Pixel may be a good choice for you. Google offers several iterations for Pixel smartphones. Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4A, Pixel 5 When Pixel 5A.. NS newest version Google smartphone Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Also on their way soon for the next of the company October 19th launch event 10 am Pacific Standard Time.

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    Pixel can also take great pictures. But it doesn’t just have a good camera and gorgeous hardware. Services that connect software and telephones are also important. Let’s get down to some of these.

    Unlimited storage of Google Photos

    One of the big reasons to get a Pixel is Google Photos..Unlike others Mobile phones other than Pixel, For Pixel smartphones No data limit To back up your photos to the cloud. Photos taken with Pixel are saved in their original quality instead of being automatically compressed to save space. The extent of this benefit depends on the pixels you get.If you can find the first pixel pixel Phones released in 2016 should be able to upload photos in their original quality until the end of the device’s life.

    Pixel smartphones have unlimited storage available on Google Photos. I don’t use other mobile phones.

    Sarah Tew / CNET

    Later Pixel smartphones, including recently released ones Pixel 5 When Pixel 4A 5GAllows unlimited photo uploads with compressed storage saver quality. Google provides an overview of the rules for each Pixel smartphone regarding this Support page..

    Unfortunately, it seems likely that the 2020 Pixel smartphone will be the last to enjoy the benefits of unlimited storage.According to some reports from, Google has no plans to extend this advantage to the next wave of Pixel smartphones. The Verge When Tom’s guide Above all.

    No broth wear

    Threats of unwanted apps, services, and often redundant software features continue to plague most Android phones funded by US wireless carriers. Not so with the Google Pixel handset. You can get a pristine Android OS in the way Google originally designed, unmasked with weird skins, unique overlays, and weird UI.

    Pixel smartphones have access to beta software such as new OS versions and features.


    Fresh Android OS update

    In addition to unlimited storage for photos, Google has promised to prioritize updates to Pixel smartphones. Whenever a new Android OS version or security patch is released, it will be delivered to the Pixel first. This includes new features that are separate from the full OS update.And for those who are really adventurous, Pixels has the first dive Beta Android version Similarly.

    All Pixel smartphones are available with the Google Fi cellular network version.

    John Kim / CNET

    Google Fi is always an option

    It’s not a big force in the wireless carrier market, but it offers its own cellular services for mobile devices.Called Google Fi (Do not confuse with Google Fiber), this MVNO style The system provides a pay-as-you-go data plan. It also uses technology that allows you to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks during a voice call.

    All Pixel smartphones have a version specially designed to work with Google Fi. These phones are also unlocked so you can port them to another mobile operator if needed. However, choosing a 5G Pixel like this complicates the situation a bit. Pixel 5 When Pixel 4A 5G.. Google sells three types, Verizon, Google Fi (unlocked), and unlocked (without 5G). These mobile phones work with all major US airlines.That said, they Not all are compatible With 5G networks of each carrier.

    Crush that spam

    If you’re constantly being hit by a bunch of unwanted scams and dubious marketing calls, you’ll find this Pixel feature appealing. NS Pixel call screen function The phone app works with the Google Assistant to prevent RoboCall from reaching you. Together they can prevent unknown callers from ringing your phone or make real-time screen calls for you.

    Sweet phone transaction

    Currently, one of our favorite phones on the market is $ 499 Pixel 4A 5G.. Compatible with 5G cellular networks, this phone comes with a great ultra-wide camera and a large OLED display. It also promises strong software support from Google and timely updates for up to 3 years.And $ 200 cheaper than the $ 699 price Pixel 5, It’s a really attractive option.

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