Google cuts Play Store fees to 15% in challenge to Apple


Google has reduced app store prices for all subscriptions, including streaming services such as Spotify, to up to 15%, putting pressure on rival Apple facing intense criticism with an App Store fee of 30%.

Google announced on Thursday that the new pricing structure for the Android Play Store will be global and will take effect on January 1, 2022. The company emphasized helping developers “build sustainable businesses” and ensuring that “Play continues to lead.” Mobile app ecosystem. “

Already in March, Google announced that it would reduce the price of in-app purchases from 30% to 15% for the first $ 1 million in sales made by app developers. This is a move that mimics Apple, which did the same thing last November.

The new changes go even further, creating a flat rate structure for both in-app purchases and subscriptions, regardless of revenue. Google said it had heard that the subscription business was struggling to benefit from previous changes.

According to a Google press release, Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and chief executive officer of the dating app Bumble, said the move “improves investment in our products and brings users online with confidence. You will be able to do it. “

Luis von Ahn, CEO of the language app Duolingo, said:

Google’s move will put more pressure on Apple when iPhone makers are attacked by Spotify and Epic Games beyond their fees and App Store rules.

Epic earlier this yearThe maker of the hit game Fortnite, who sued Apple for monopolizing the App Store, lost 9 out of 10 counts.

Google also announced that ebooks and on-demand music streaming services (the “content costs make up the majority of sales” category) are eligible for a minimum of 10% service charge.

“The new pricing recognizes the industry economy of the media content industry and makes Google Play better for developers and the community of artists, musicians and writers they represent,” Google said.

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