GM PowerBase trademark suggests Silverado EV onboard outlet


See Pro Power Onboard, PowerBase.The former is Ford The name of the accessory power supply in F-150, The latter General Motors‘The same version introduced in the All Electric Silverard. GM Authority found a trademark Application form submitted by the automaker to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office on January 3rd and 2nd this year GM Revealed a battery-powered silverard. The Goods and Services tag says “Power Inverter for Automotive Land Vehicles”.

GM engineers were able to see the competition, so they created the PowerBase to match the specs closely with the Pro Power Onboard.Ford System will provide up to 9.6 kW of power in the future F-150 Lightning, GM provides 10.2 kW of power. Pro PowerOnBoard comes with 10 There are 120V outlets for the entire F-150 Lightning and 240V outlets for the bed, for a total of 11 outlets. PowerBase has 10 outlets. truck.. No high voltage outlet was found yet in the image of the electric silverard. According to GM, Silvy will be able to charge other EVs and even homes. battery However, the system — the features of the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid with Ford’s recently announced 7.2 kW Pro Power Onboard and F-150 Lightning — so assume that you have 240V capabilities somewhere.

Silverado and Sierra buyers are confident that they want PowerBase to be used in ICE-powered trucks.Ford provides that system In the guise of 2.0kW of F-150 It is equipped with a 2.7-liter and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine.was there rumor Another proper attempt hybrid Silverado has been around for years, but the ICE truck PowerBase may have to wait until the next-generation bowtie pickup arrives in 2025.

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GM PowerBase trademark suggests Silverado EV onboard outlet

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