Global ETF Will Beat Verizon, AT&T Stock


The real 5G revolution began on Wednesday.

Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) And AT & T (NYSE: T) Switched switches that change the way we use 5G technology in our daily lives.

Today, these two major mobile operators can use radio waves to carry 5G signals faster than ever before.

Imagine ultra-fast speeds that are not limited to major metropolitan areas. No more struggling to download new podcasts or GPS directions.

And this technology will have a big impact on the world.

According to a recent study, in 2021 5G technology added only 0.1% to the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) (value of all off-the-shelf products).

By 2030, 5G technology should add $ 484 billion to US GDP and increase global GDP by 1%. Anything that increases GDP will help strengthen the economy.

In this episode Bull & Bear, Explain how you can benefit from this simple switch toggle.

Temporary 5G wrinkles

AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile US (Nasdaq: TMUS) We have invested billions of dollars in this new C-band technology.

The C-band allows 5G signals to travel longer distances and carry enough data to provide faster connections.

However, much of modern aircraft technology uses wavelengths similar to the C band. Authorities were concerned that the new 5G technology could disrupt the equipment pilots use to land aircraft.

Correspondingly, AT & T and Verizon were delayed Turn on the tower near the airport..

This is a temporary issue. Soon, millions of Americans will have access to incredible mobile download speeds in much larger areas.

In this episode Bull & BearShare how you can invest before the 5G revolution enters the next stage.

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