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    Give the gift of cannabis with these 9 high-tech smoking devices – TechCrunch

    Welcome to TechCrunch 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Need help with gift ideas? We have a lot. Since the development of this year’s gift guide has just begun, Check again from now until the end of December for more details!!

    Cannabis goes to nerds soon. As it is gradually legalized around the world, start-ups have responded with innovative products, from laser-powered water gisel to CNC machined steam to AI-powered herbal grinders. Do you have friends who want to like it a little? A gift for high-tech consumption.

    Take responsibility.

    Throughout 2021, cannabis companies have made great strides against the backdrop of unprecedented consumer demand.Companies like Dutchie When Jane Technologies Raised hundreds of millions of new venture funds, 82% increase in industry investment In the second half of 2021.Like other companies leaf When Indignate He turned to the public market to raise new capital.Amazon Screening stopped Marijuana employees, and Apple, have begun to treat cannabis like medicines and allow users to order and pay for cannabis in the app (where it’s legal).

    There are great expectations for cannabis in 2022. Currently, cannabis is legally used in 36 states. Washington has traction It can end that federal ban.

    Puffco Budsy

    Image credit: Puffco

    NS Puffco Budsy Is a fantastic individual bong, almost invisible thanks to a Nalgene-style bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water, fill the hidden bowl with flowers, and hit the trail. When you’re ready, flip the lid, tap the bud with a lighter, and inhale through the spout (thankfully not connected to the water). Rinse and repeat. Puffco released Budsy on April 1, 2021, but that wasn’t a joke. This product is genuine and very fun.

    Roger Volodarsky founded the company in 2013 and has been leading the company since then as CEO. Over the past few years, the company has been promoting innovative tapping products. Puffco Peak Pro (below) is equipped with a replaceable oven, allowing owners to adjust their smoking experience without having to buy a new rig.

    price: Over $ 50


    RS5001 32A1631 3 FillWzc2Nyw1MDBd

    Image credit: Dynavap

    Dynavaps It’s my reliable smoking device. They are pocketed, have no batteries, and produce a wonderful cloud of steam. Think of it as a batter’s arc with a thermometer. First, heat the tip with a torch or induction heater. In about 3-5 seconds, the cap will click to let the user know that the herbs are at the right temperature and ready to hit. Cannabis lasts about 3-4 cycles. In addition, the cap protects the flowers on the ground from flames, so there is no burning or smoke, only steam, and almost no odor.

    The Dynavap vaporizer is CNC machined at the DeForest facility in Wisconsin. George Breiwa founded the company in 2015 and currently has approximately 40 employees. Dynvap sells several versions of small metal arcs including this Imposing “gentleman’s pipe” The smooth, pitch-black Obsidium Omni costs $ 250.

    price: Over $ 60

    GPen dash

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    Image credit: Grenco Science

    NS GPen dash It is GoPro of vapes. This little vaporizer is impressive: it costs $ 70 and exceeds its weight. The small arc has a glass-coated stainless steel heating chamber and a clean air path. The hits are smooth and abundant. GPen Dash is a great arc to pick up and carry. Pictured here is one of the special versions. The company worked with Keep A Breast, a non-profit breast cancer prevention foundation, to create this limited edition.

    Co-founder and CEO Chris Folkerts launched Grenco Science in 2011 with Anthony Barron. The company sells a variety of vaporizers, including portable double rigs and battery-powered concentrated vaporizers for glass stems. May 2020 Grenco Science acquires Stündenglass, A company founded by former Apple employees who make high-end gravity bons.

    price: $ 70

    Bresie Susan

    apple fall 2021 iphone 2021 11 22 at 12.07.19 PM

    Image credit: Bresie Susan

    There is no technology here. NS Bresie Susan Technically, it’s not a high-tech gift. I do not mind. Here is my list. Brazy Susan is a lovely weed station with a small compartment for storing a variety of talking supplies. To make cleaning a little easier, there are tap stations, bowl cleaners, and silicone inserts. Prices start at around $ 90 and are available in a wide variety of wood types.

    The company was founded by Will Breakel and is based in Colorado. The company also sells rolling paper, cones, grinders, and lots of other products — all pink and I love it.

    price: $ 90

    Banana Brothers OTTOAI compatible grinder

    Banana Bros OTTO

    Image credit: Banana Brothers

    Surprise guest! TC Amanda Silberling stopped by the Gift Guide to add this.

    If you’re still using a cheap grinder purchased from Amazon, you may be wondering why someone needs an AI-powered grinder. The reasons are as follows: Otto Adjust speed, pressure, and even crushing direction, taking into account flower density, moisture level, texture, and consistency. The OTTO then places the fully ground flowers in a magnetically mounted chamber and distributes them evenly over the pre-rolled cones. The result is gorgeous — unless you’re an elitist who thinks the corn is a cupout (but if so, you can use the grinder alone).

    According to Banana Brothers, OTTO can grind the perfect herbs, spices and incense, while grinders are easy to clean, but if you’re not careful, they’ll turn into slightly soothing cinnamon and strange-flavored corn. Will be. At $ 150, this isn’t cheap, but it gets the job done. Banana Bros was founded in 2017 by CEO Dave Richmond and Innovation Director Manny Montano. His background is industry and 3D design. They have patented AI technology that enhances the company’s first flagship product, OTTO.

    price: $ 149

    Storz & Bickel Mighty +

    Storz & Bickel Mighty +

    Image credit: Storz & Bickel

    NS Mighty + The best vaporizer available. It is reliable, can cook many herbs and produces some of the best steam from any device. Sure, it has its drawbacks, such as its large size and price of $ 399, but it’s worth it. Storz & Bickel released the original in 2014, Just released an updated version in October 2021.. The new Mighty + features faster heating times, USB-C charging, and a ceramic filling chamber that can be kept clean much easier than the original chamber.

    Simple tip: Mighty + has an orange arrow button, but the original is gray.

    Markus Storz began developing herbal vaporizers in 1996, and in 2002 Jürgen Bickel joined the board of directors forming Storz-Bickel. The company still sells its original breakthrough device, Volcano, and some cheaper products. The company is based in Germany and the vaporizer is certified as a medical device. In 2018, Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth acquired Storz & Bickel. Jürgen Bickel remains in the company and does his day-to-day work.

    price: $ 399

    Puff copy cupro

    Puff copy cupro

    Image credit: Puffco

    Do you tap it lightly? NS Puff copy cupro The best portable tapping rig available. It produces an amazing cloud of delicious steam and feels like one designed in Cupertino. Puff copy cupro always impresses me. The Pro version includes USB-C charging, an improved oven, and easy cleaning. In addition, there is an optional wireless charging stand that works very well. Want something more unique? The company sells several special editions featuring wild color schemes and glass designs.

    Roger Volodarsky founded the company in 2013 and has been leading the company since then as CEO. For the past few years The company continues to promote innovative tapping products.. Puffco Peak Pro also features a replaceable oven, allowing owners to adjust their smoking experience without having to buy a new rig.

    price: $ 399

    Hitoki Trident V2

    apple fall 2021 iphone 2021 11 22 at 12.21.08 PM

    Image credit: Hidden

    The core of this is $ 499 Hitoki Trident V2 It is a battery-powered hookah. trick? It uses a laser and a closed chamber to heat the flowers. When the device works, it hits like a truck. I’ve tested it, but it’s difficult and requires a lot of cleaning. The hose installation is of poor quality and the laser blows the herbs into the smoldering mess. So why are you on this list? Despite its shortcomings, it’s an exceptionally fun device, capable of creating impressive clouds without butane. Plus laser. You can see the laser illuminate the pot and create a miniature mushroom cloud.

    Joe and Jack Tran launched Hitoki in 2019. Trident V2 is the second version of the company’s product. The V2 version includes a carbohydrate button, a larger laser burning radius, and an improved airflow path.

    price: $ 499

    Stündenglass Kompact


    Image credit: Standenglas

    NS Stündenglass Kompact Amazing Stündenglass A compact version of Gravity Bonn. The $ 599 device is made of high-end material and works very well. trust me. I used it, and it’s smooth, rich, and impressive. This device isn’t just for cannabis. It’s also a great hookah and, with the right attachments, can be used to infuse food and drink with a smoky flavor. Want a bigger hit? The full size Stünden glass is the same price but convenient to carry.

    Stündenglass with Tracey Huston Purchased by Grenco Science in May 2020 Unpublished amount.

    price: $ 599

    TechCrunch Gift Guide 2021

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