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    Germany’s new govt to legalise recreational cannabis

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    Amsterdam could soon become a rival as the capital of cannabis in Europe, and Germany’s next government plans to legalize the recreational use of drugs.

    The centre-left SPD, Greens and the liberal FDP, which presented plans for Germany’s next ruling coalition on Wednesday, have agreed to relax the rules for personal use of cannabis.

    “We will introduce controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption in licensed stores,” the parties said in their coalition agreement.

    “This controls quality, prevents the circulation of pollutants, and ensures the protection of minors,” the document states.

    Current German law allows the cultivation, sale, possession, import, or export of cannabis plants, allowing people with certain medical conditions to prescribe cannabis-based drugs.

    Private recreational use drag Police often close their eyes on small possessions, but they are banned.

    The Greens and the FDP have long promoted the legalization of cannabis, but the SPD has proposed testing regulated drug distribution in a pilot project.

    “Positive effect”

    It’s not yet clear if German cannabis will be sold at tobacco stores, Amsterdam-style “coffee shops”, or pharmacies, but the purpose is who can buy cannabis and what they get. It is to make it easy to manage.

    According to the German Cannabis Association, substances that can become black market weeds include sand, hairspray, talcum powder, spices, and even glass and lead.

    Experts also say marijuana may be contaminated with heroin Synthetic cannabinoids, Up to 100 times more powerful than natural psychotropic cannabinoids.

    According to a recent study by the University of Heinrich Heine in Düsseldorf, legalizing the drug could generate about € 4.7 billion ($ 5.3 billion) annually in finance.

    The study also predicts that legalizing cannabis will create about 27,000 jobs.

    According to Georg Urs, a board member of the German Cannabis Association, the ban on cannabis costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year in “meaningless charges.”

    Wurth also argued that the ban “promotes” Organized crime By providing exclusive access to billions of valuable markets. “

    He argued that legalization “has multiple positive effects not only on users, but on society as a whole.”

    Health risk?

    At the Mary Jane Berlin Cannabis Expo in October, visitor Linda Moedebeck told AFP that she was in favor of legalization because it helps control the quality of the drug.

    “I think it’s very dangerous because you don’t really know what’s inside with an illegally purchased substance,” she said.

    Another visitor, Sven Baum, said, “I don’t think consumption will increase as a result, because everyone smokes who wants to smoke anyway.”

    Wurth said in the same opinion that legalization is unlikely to worsen. Health problems Associated with the drug. “We don’t expect a significant increase in consumption, so we don’t expect an increase in various problems caused by consumption,” he said.

    However, not everyone is in favor of the plan, and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU-CSU conservative alliance warns that regular use of the drug may bring about it. Health risk For some people.

    Stephen Pilsinger, a key man in the CDU’s drug policy, accused the coalition of conducting “experiments on the health of our society and our youth.”

    “Should the state really make money by putting its citizens at risk of addiction, permanent mental illness, physical and mental distress? I think it’s immora1,” he told AFP.

    Some experts warn that the use of cannabis among young people may affect the development of the central nervous system and increase the risk of developing psychosis and schizophrenia.

    Sustained use is also associated with respiratory disease and testicular cancer.

    Daniela Ludwig, a retired government drug commissioner, has accused the coalition government of “rising the health of its people for those who appear to be zeitgeists.”

    The legalization of cannabis would “disregard the dangerous nature of this drug,” she told the Rheinische Post newspaper.

    Thousands are demanding legalization of cannabis in Africa

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