Germany moves towards compulsory vaccination and tightens Covid’s curb


Germany paved the way for compulsory Covid-19 vaccination next year to tighten regulations on unvaccinated people and increase pressure on those who refuse jabs.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and nominated Prime Minister Olaf Scholz announced their actions after an urgent scheduled meeting with leaders from 16 German states.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has reached the highest levels of Covid infections, putting an unprecedented burden on hospitals.

“The fourth wave must be broken,” Merkel told journalists after the meeting. “The situation is very serious. The number of infections is stable, but the level is too high.”

Leaders have decided to vote in Congress on whether to make a vaccine Mandatory, May be from February. They also issued decree requiring jabs from workers in long-term care facilities and hospitals, similar to the rules in Greece, Italy and France.

Regulations enacted on Thursday severely limit access to public and private activities by unvaccinated people, who currently account for about 28% of the population.

“Many people have been vaccinated,” Merkel told journalists, who are expected to take over as Chancellor next week. “But’many’is not enough.”

Using what is known in Germany as the “2G” rule, only those who are immediately vaccinated and those who have recovered from Covid will be able to enter stores and cultural institutions.

Once the rules are enforced, the vaccinated household will only be able to meet two people from another household.

High infection rates can also affect vaccination after leaders have agreed that bars and clubs should be closed in areas with more than 350 coronavirus infections per 100,000 people in 7 days. They also bring a tough curb to private parties in these places.

The overall 7-day incidence across Germany on Thursday was 439.2, but the exact number varies from region to region.

European leaders Omicron coronavirus mutantAs the EU health agency warns, it can account for more than half of the infections in the block within a few months.

Authorities said as of Wednesday, 70 cases of Omicron were reported in 13 EU and European Economic Area countries.

The travel ban warned of limited shelf life and advised countries to continue to prioritize vaccination of the most vulnerable groups. We also encouraged other measures such as physical distance and the use of face masks.

In Germany, leaders met Thursday announced plans to accelerate national vaccination campaigns for both unvaccinated and in need. booster.. They vowed to “make it available to everyone who chooses vaccination by Christmas,” and predicted that this would require an estimated 30m jab.

Germany moves towards compulsory vaccination and tightens Covid’s curb

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