German Navy chief Crimea’s comments lead to diplomatic lines


Germany and Ukraine video Russia just “wants to respect”, and Ukraine will never regain Crimea, the head of the German Navy has appeared.

Deputy Admiral Kay Ahim Schoenbach’s comment at a think tank in India Furious reaction Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said they were part of a pattern of useless behavior by German authorities.

“Ukraine is grateful for the support it has provided since 2014 and its diplomatic efforts to resolve the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” Kreva tweeted Saturday. “But Germany’s current statement is disappointing and contrary to its support and efforts.”

Line matches with Desperate diplomatic drive To prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

Russia has gathered more than 106,000 troops near the Ukrainian border in recent weeks, and Vladimirputin has vowed an unspecified “military technical response” if the West rejects his security demands.

This includes NATO’s request for deportation from Bulgaria, Romania, and other former communist countries in Eastern Europe that have joined the alliance since 1997. The alliance considered unacceptable.

Tensions over Schönbach’s fake occur just weeks after the Ukrainian defense minister Olexii Reznikov In an interview with the Financial Times, he criticized Germany for blocking the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Mr Reznikov said Berlin refused to buy Ukraine a drone rifle and sniper system through NATO Support and Procurement Agency. Since then, Germany has forgiven it after considering the first item non-lethal.

Ukraine was also very critical of Germany’s support for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which carries Russian gas directly under the Baltic Sea to Germany and bypasses Ukraine. The critics say it undermines Kiev and also strengthens the Kremlin’s grip on the European energy market.

Schoenbach’s video shows that Putin should be treated equally by the West, calling Russia “old.” .. .. And the “and important country” that the West needed “against China.”

“What is he [Putin] What I really want is respect, “he said. “And by God, paying respect to someone is cheap and even free … It’s easy to give him the respect he really wants — and perhaps again.”

Schoenbach also said, “The Crimean Peninsula is gone, never coming back, this is the case.” This is inconsistent with the official western line that the annexation of Crimea is illegal and must be revoked.

The German Ministry of Defense said Schönbach’s comments “never corresponded to the ministerial position in either content or choice of language,” and Schönbach “has the opportunity to make a statement to the Inspector General of the Federal Army.” Added. Bundeswehr.

Schoenbach Tweet His remark “reflected my personal opinion at that time.” [and] It does not correspond to the official position of the Bundeswehr. ”

He later Added The comment was “thoughtful and misunderstood by the situation, so I shouldn’t have done it. I can’t deny it, it was clearly a mistake.”

Additional report by Roman Olearchyk in Kiev

German Navy chief Crimea’s comments lead to diplomatic lines

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