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Genesis depicts the future of sustainable EVs 14 years from now

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Book of Genesis We threw shells into the clear blue waters of the Earth’s sustainable future and used a 12-minute live stream to announce our goals for environmentally friendly commercial and electric vehicles for the next 14 years. The first target arrived in 2025, after which all newly introduced Genesis will be powered solely by electricity. This automaker’s dual technology strategy envisions both batteries and hydrogen. Fuel cell Offering. Brand chief Jay Chan said engineers are currently working on more efficient work. battery It has a fuel cell system with better performance and higher power output.

Five years later, Genesis plans to sell only eight strong lineups of zero-emission vehicles, which achieve annual sales of 400,000 units worldwide. In 2020, The brand sold 128,365 units Globally. Last year was a recession for everyone, but it was still the first time Genesis moved more than 100,000 vehicles a year in the world.The range displayed in the dark image of the live stream looks like 4 cars and 4 cars Crossover and SUV, All from the company trademark A quad lamp that runs from the front fascia to the front edge of the front door.Imminent GV60 electric crossover It will break the seal of this lineup, but the GV60 is not included in the photo. One of the future products based on the concept shown in the video can include an audio system that brings the rotating seats and stage doors seen in so many concepts into production and provides an orchestra experience.

Five years after the EV-only curtain was pulled up, Chan declared plans to make the company carbon-neutral. Emissions It starts with raw materials and includes everything from parts manufacturing to assembly plants and corporate offices. Based on what is happening all over the world now, this is a wise move for reasons beyond helping the planet, which will give Genesis close contact with its entire supply chain. The next time things get confused around the globe, and will. Such intimacy with the life of the company’s process from seed to shallow grave means that Genesis knows which button to press to keep the machine running as efficiently as possible.

The items mentioned as retrofits in the video are the ones we want to come first.While standing next to all electricity Genesis X concept — Looks like the vehicle on the far left of the Dark Teaser — Head designer Luc Donckerwolke focused on the fascinating liquid aqua gunmetal of this concept. colour “We have to put it into production,” he said. Yes. Please.

Genesis depicts the future of sustainable EVs 14 years from now

Source link Genesis depicts the future of sustainable EVs 14 years from now

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