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    “Frustrating” White House Conference Escalates Biden’s Fear of Failure to Vote | US Voting Rights

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    Hello, and Happy Thirds Day,

    Before and after Thanksgiving, I discussed voting rights with a few people who recently attended a meeting at the White House.they were Frustration..

    They attended the meeting with great hope. After months of watching Senate Republicans use filibuster to block two major federal election bills, there were signs that things were going in the right direction. In late October, Joe Biden gave him Public blessing Senate rules that Republicans have relied on to block voting rights bills to change filibuster. Therefore, when the leaders of hundreds of key groups driving voting reforms gathered at a conference call with White House officials on November 15, they expected to hear more about plans to move forward.

    But the people I spoke to said they hadn’t heard of any kind of plan at all. “They didn’t have a strategy to accomplish this,” said one person I spoke with. Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter, told me it was “very frustrating” and felt like a “checkbox-like call”. Kamala Harris, tapped to lead the White House’s voting promotion, temporarily stopped at the meeting and left after reading a prepared statement that one said “same old, same old.” White House staff answered three questions from participants over the phone.

    Dissatisfaction with how Biden handles the exercise of voting rights is not new. For months, activists said the president failed to put the muscle behind it. “He’s calling,” said Ezra Levin, co-founder of the grassroots group Indivisible. told me I returned in June. Biden then gave a speech on voting rights.

    “We have to fight. That’s why the President and Vice President are advocating working with Schumer, Chairman Nancy Pelosi, to protect democracy and basic voting rights,” said Sabrina, a White House spokesman.・ Shin said. told me..

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that frustration has become more and more vigilant. State legislators across the country are rapidly developing distorted political maps that will help solidify the Republican majority in many places over the next decade. These districts could help Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives next year. Candidates have already applied for offices to run in those districts of Texas and North Carolina. The primary elections to be held in the spring are rapidly approaching. (The first day of early voting in the Texas primary is February 14th.) Still, Senators are likely to reach the end of the year without passing the voting rights bill.

    Georgia’s longtime organizer Helen Butler, who helped to win a record number of black voters last year, said passing new voting protection was one of the first things Biden did after taking office. I said I thought it was. “In all the work we have done to hold fair elections, involve people, and have a Senate that does not act to protect the most sacred rights, voting rights, I disappoint you. It’s unheard of, “she told me.

    Currently, Senate Democrats are hoping for January as the earliest possible time to make changes to the filibuster and pass the voting bill. Politico reported on Wednesday.. According to Politico, a small group of Democratic senators whose mission is to find ways to advance filibuster are optimistic that they can support Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, strong defenders of filibuster. Shows a typical view. Let’s see what happens in January, but when Levin and I talked a few weeks ago, he wasn’t particularly optimistic.

    “If Congress doesn’t do this by the end of the year, it’s hard to understand why politics is there later. What changed in January of February?” He said.

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    “Frustrating” White House Conference Escalates Biden’s Fear of Failure to Vote | US Voting Rights

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