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    France says 5th COVID wave hitting at ‘lightning’ speed

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    France’s fifth-wave coronavirus infection is increasing at an alarming rate, the government reported on Sunday, with new daily COVID cases nearly doubling in the past week.

    According to the report, the 7-day average of new cases reached 17,153 on Saturday, an increase from 9,458 a week ago. Health authorities, 81 percent increase.

    “The fifth wave begins at the speed of lightning.” government Spokesman Gabrial Atal told the media.

    The increase over the last 7 days is three times the average increase in cases recorded in the last 3 weeks, indicating an exponential acceleration of infection.

    So far, the proliferation of infections has not caused a large influx of COVID patients into hospitals, and authorities have shown that a limited number of intensive care patients are highly effective against the most dangerous forms of COVID. It is due to the high rate of vaccination in France, which is believed to be.

    On Saturday, the hospital reported that a total of 7,974 COVID patients were being treated, of which 1,333 were receiving intensive care.

    This is compared to 6,500 and 1,000 a month ago, respectively.

    “Infectious diseases have increased significantly, but we also know that France is receiving very large vaccinations,” he said. “When it comes to booster shots, it seems to be ahead of our neighbors.”

    He said France’s introduction of a health pass ahead of other countries in the summer also helped curb COVID.

    NS health The pass required in French restaurants, cafes and many cultural institutions proves that a person has been completely vaccinated, has recently recovered from COVID, or has a negative virus test.

    The government continues to support the choice of “bringing the weight of restrictions imposed on unvaccinated people, not vaccinated people,” Attal said.

    France boosts virus booster campaigns as infections increase

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