Fox News hosts and Trump Jr. urged Mark Meadows to help stop the Capitol attack.US news


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House Rules Committee meets to address the resolution of Meadows’ contempt

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During the nearly hour-long negotiation process, the House Election Committee, which investigates the Capitol riots, outlined the details of the material. mark Pasture Handed over to the panel – and how Meadows immediately refused to testify about those records.

Meadows submitted about 9,000 documents as part of the cooperation agreement, the House Select Commission said. Trump administration An aide who opposed the summons.

Among the materials Meadows submitted to the selection committee was a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference, January 6 Options”. Recommended Donald Trump Declare a national security emergency One-sidedly return yourself to the office.

However, cooperation with the selection committee ended with the preparation of a document, and Meadows notified the panel last week that he would not answer the question because he learned that a house investigator had summoned a call detail record for his cell phone. did.

The selection committee said that Meadows’ refusal to testify constitutes a breach of the first subpoena. Issued in September, And the House of Representatives has begun a procedure recommending that he remain contempt of Congress.

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Trump Jr. and Fox News hosts urged Meadows to act on January 6th

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Benny Thompson, The chairman of the House Elections Committee investigating the Capitol attack said in the opening statement before the panel recommended. mark Pasture‘Introduction to the Ministry of Justice Donald Playing cardsFormer White House Chief of Staff ignored the subpoena and deliberately showed disobedience.

“It comes down to this,” Thompson said. “Mr. Meadows started with the right thing: working together. He handed over a record that he didn’t try to shield behind some excuses. But in a survey like us, it was the first. It’s just a step.

“When the records raise questions-as these most certainly do-you have to come in and answer those questions. And he follows the law and comes in and about those questions. When it was time to testify, he changed his mind and told us to hit the sand. He didn’t even show up. “

The selection committee will thwart the investigation in a myriad of ways, from Meadows’ refusal to testify in insult reports to frustrating their efforts to find and find documents related to the Capitol attack. He said he was seeking accusations against Meadows.

The selection committee also refused to testify even about the information that Meadows voluntarily provided to the panel through his own writing, and was not covered by the claim of executive privilege promoted by Trump, so Meadows was charged. Said it should be done.

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Parliamentary Attack Committee recommends that meadows be charged with criminal insults

Fox News hosts and Trump Jr. urged Mark Meadows to help stop the Capitol attack.US news

Source link Fox News hosts and Trump Jr. urged Mark Meadows to help stop the Capitol attack.US news

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