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    Former President of Algeria has died, but his administration remains alive

    NSIn essence The rumors are true. For years, the Algerians whispered about the health of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika from 1999 to 2019. After suffering a stroke in 2013, he was rarely seen in public, often leading to speculation that he died. When the whisper became too loud, authorities put him in a wheelchair and sat in front of the camera, showing an empty look in his eyes. People wondered who was really in charge. By 2019, they had enough charades and defeated the old man.

    Bouteflika died on September 17th at the age of 84. Young people, who make up the majority of Algeria’s population, probably remember him as its dilapidated president. And lament that little has changed since his expulsion. It tells us that the government buried him in an independent fighter graveyard, but with little honor given to past leaders.

    Older Algerians may remember Mr. Bouteflika more lovingly. He was barely an adult when he joined the National Liberation Army in the fight against French rule. A year after his independence in 1962, he was still in his mid-twenties and became Algeria’s first Foreign Minister. He held that position for 16 years. Witty and in a three-piece suit, Bouteflika helped establish the country as an influential member of the Non-Aligned Movement and as a sign of anti-colonial struggle, earning the nickname “Mecca of Revolutionaries.” Did.

    Che Guevara visited Algeria in hopes of inspiring an African revolution. The young Nelson Mandela received military training from Algerian soldiers.Mr. Bouteflika, in the role of president United Nations The General Assembly commissioned Yasser Arafat to address the body in 1974. This is a historic moment for the Palestinian cause.When Carlos Jackal took the oil minister hostage OPEC At its headquarters in Vienna in 1975, terrorists demanded that they be sent to Algiers. Mr Bouteflika met him and negotiated the release of the hostages.

    Mr. Bouteflika, who was taken over by the president in 1979, left Algeria to avoid allegations of corruption (eventually withdrawn). He returned, but was unnoticeable when about 200,000 people were killed in a battle between Islamists and the army during the Algerian Civil War in the 1990s. Known as the dominant conspiracy of generals and guards in 1999 le pouvoir (Power), turned to him. Five months after winning the fraudulent presidential election, Bouteflika promoted a referendum to pardon Islamists and militias. Criticism of military conduct was banned. Many acknowledge his achievements in deriving Algeria from the “Black Decade.”

    The administration will arouse the need for civil war and stability whenever it wants to justify its crackdown. An unfair election took place and Bouteflika won four of them. Le pouvoir While young people struggled to find a job, they sucked up the country’s vast hydrocarbon wealth. Public dissatisfaction has increased over the years when the administration announced in 2019 that Mr Bouteflika would seek a fifth term. Tens of thousands of protesters went out to the streets, shouting “Bye bye, Bouteflika”. Finally the administration has succumbed. The president, who fell into a wheelchair, gave his resignation to a colleague. This was the last time most people met him.

    However, hopes that Bouteflika’s resignation will make a real difference are fading. The army remains the dominant force in Algeria. Former Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Teboon, who was considered the general’s choice, was elected president in 2019. Polls were shunned by most Algerians. Meanwhile, the number of political prisoners is believed to be increasing. The government sought to disperse the discord in the democratic movement. Hirac.. It accuses opposition groups and Morocco, which recently broke diplomatic relations, for fostering anxiety.

    Sometimes the government still uses Mr. Bouteflika, but now he uses it as a scapegoat. Covid-19 has been sacrificed and the economy remains stagnant. Officials have also pointed out the malicious intent of French and other foreign conspirators, as there are few answers. Most Algerians born after independence are not impressed by these tired anti-colonial stories. They hope that Mr Bouteflika’s administration will expire with him. ■■

    This article was published in the printed version of the Middle East and Africa section under the heading “Bye bye, Bouteflika”.

    Former President of Algeria has died, but his administration remains alive

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