Forecast your travel plans with COVID-19 predictive modeling tools


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Members of the Mayo Clinic Predictive Modeling Task Force have people check the weather before making travel plans. USCOVID-19 map We help you make decisions during this holiday season.

Scientists from multiple disciplines work together to track cases of COVID-19 and Task force Put together a model that incorporates Real-time data Predict cases of COVID-19.

“This model was initially used to predict COVID-19 hospitalization across the Mayo Clinic sites in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Florida, but has since been used to predict COVID-19 in Minnesota and elsewhere. -19 cases were adopted to predict the country, “says Dr. Shannon Dunley, co-leader of the Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Predictive Modeling Task Force.

Using this data, the Mayo Clinic coronavirus map tracking tool provides county-by-county information on COVID-19 cases and national trends, predicting where hotspots will occur in the next 14 days. Provides modeling.

This map can provide information on trends across the United States, including vaccination rates, and also provides practical implications, says Dr. Danrei.

“People make thousands of decisions each month, based on where they have COVID-19 cases and where they are heading, based on their personal preferences and risk levels, and whether they do anything. You have the opportunity to actually focus on a particular area or take a broader look at the United States to see where they are and where they are heading. “

Shannon Danrei, MD / COVID-19 Predictive Modeling Task Force.Credit: Mayo Clinic

Making personal travel decisions using this tool is a great option, says Dr. Danrei.She encourages again Man To make sure they are vaccinated, get boosters if qualified, mask them in public, do proper hand hygiene, and do the same for others. I recommend it.

“What we can do to stop the epidemic not only helps save lives, but also helps reduce the burden on hospitals and hospitals. Health care workers Currently, they are very busy caring for patients with COVID-19 and other illnesses. ”

High immunization rates are key to the COVID-19 pandemic course, modeling show

Quote: Travel using the COVID-19 Predictive Modeling Tool (December 22, 2021) obtained from // on December 22, 2021 Predict the plan

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Forecast your travel plans with COVID-19 predictive modeling tools Source link Forecast your travel plans with COVID-19 predictive modeling tools

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