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    Ford Bronco 4-door vs Jeep Wrangler luggage test

    NS Ford Bronco 4-door Equipped with a hardtop, there is 35.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the backseat. With a soft top, it rises to just 38.3 cubic feet. If you only need two doors (perfect for you!), That number is reduced to 22.4 cubic feet.It’s actually 10 cubes Less than than Bronco Sport I have previously tested my luggage..

    Well, how Bronco 4-Do you compare door cargo capacity to your major competitors? Well, if you’re lucky, I’ve baggage tested them all. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with its own hardtop There are 31 cubic feet behind the backseat (the two doors have only 13 cubes). Land Rover Defender 110 Land evenly at 34.0 (2 door 90 15.6 cube numbers). Finally, Toyota 4Runner Is the King of the 47.2 Cube Hill, but drops a bit on the rollout cargo floor. There are no 2 doors 4Runner And in the dreaded lack of foresight Toyota Stopped sales FJ Cruiser years ago.

    Now, let’s see how much Bronco can actually carry and how it compares to all of them, as the numbers don’t get in the way.

    This is the 4-door cargo area.Like below WranglerFirst, open the gate (on the curb), then open the glass hatch. It takes a very long time to remember this order when closing everything. As it is, there is a 90% chance that the glass will be placed first.I don’t know why, maybe it’s my mother’s CR-V In the late 90’s? It did the gate first and then the glass. do not know. I’m sure I will get it in the end.

    OK, this is all Off-road SUV Cargo is held in one place clockwise from top left: Bronco, Wrangler, 4Runner, Defender..

    I don’t know you, but it’s immediately clear when you look at all of them that the Wrangler is probably at a greater disadvantage than the paper figure shows. Its diagonal structural support is further inside than Bronco’s, and much of the paper’s cargo capacity is outside, so it’s not very useful.

    OK, let’s go to the bag.the same as All luggage testsUse two medium-sized roller suitcases (26 inches long, 16 widths, 11 depths) that need to be checked in at the airport, and two rollboard suitcases (24L x 15W x 10D) that barely fit overhead .. One small roll board (23L x 15W x 10D) that fits easily. I also include my wife’s luxury overnight bag (21L x 12W x 12D) to get things a little tidy.

    Well, yeah, I basically needed only half of the cargo area. There was plenty of room, so I didn’t even have to remove the huge collection of carry bags included to keep it safe when I removed the doors and various roof panels. They also include a small diagram showing how to Tetris them all in the cargo area. Sure, it’s another day’s test.

    OK, this is the same luggage test set for all the SUV bags above. Again, clockwise from top left: Bronco, Wrangler, 4Runner, Defender.

    First, note that the remaining spaces are not created equally. Both the Bronco and Wrangler should have ample space near the swinggate latch. Basically, nothing fits behind the gray bag at the bottom left of the Wrangler.

    Now, let’s add the filler.

    To get started, the 38 quart cooler I usually use is used to fill the rest with almost no damage to the surface.

    Beyond that, I used different additional items, so this test deviates from the apple-to-apple comparison. Well, you will get an idea.

    Bronco’s additional equipment: a 38 quart cooler, a blue duffel bag, a flat-folded children’s carrier backpack, and two front roof panels. Ideally, I would put it in the included bag, but I didn’t like it. I don’t really go anywhere.

    Wrangler Additional Items: Graco Pack’N Play Box, Blue Duffle Bag. Yeah, it loses.

    4Runner additions: 38 quart cooler, box for Graco Pack’N Play, box for inflated river raft for 2 people, small backpack the same size as the blue duffel bag. Yeah, it wins.

    Defender Extras: A 38 quart cooler, a blue duffle bag, a thin briefcase, and perhaps a grocery bag or two are clearly the cause of the roof remaining.

    (Extra Bronco Sport If you were wondering: Pack’N Play, Skinny Briefcase).

    The luggage test ranking now reflects the numbers on the paper, but it makes a difference if the cargo area shape, body structure, and door design are different.

    Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the other cargo-related Bronco features, as the comparison doesn’t get in the way.

    Under the rubber floor mat (Part of the Black Diamond Trim Level) is a plastic floor that is easy to clean.

    The sides of the cargo area are also made of plastic, which is good for cleaning, but very cheap and very scratched. It definitely won’t be long before the cat looks like it’s used as a scraper.

    Like a Wrangler, it has an underfloor storage space. One compartment is for jacks and funnels, the other compartment can be used for contrabands that seem appropriate.

    Finally, this Bronco had an optional roof rail. They are big, chunky, sturdy, Yakima Equipment Engineer Taylor Thompson, Really suitable for holding heavy objects like roof tents.He was very impressed Ford effort.

    The problem is that they prevent the roof panel from being removed. I was able to finalize each of the two front pieces (otherwise it’s very easy to unlatch and lift), but without removing the rails, a large integrated rearseat roofpiece Did not come off. That would require tools and a lot of extra effort, and yeah, I didn’t want it. Again, another test at another time.

    Ford Bronco 4-door vs Jeep Wrangler luggage test

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