Ford and ADT create canopy vehicle protection system


years ago, Ford To create and support mobility technology, we created an in-house startup incubator called FordX. FordX has been released with the latest version A company called a canopy, 60/40 joint venture with security company ADT. The canopy wants to do what the ring did to the front porch and driveway to the vehicle. In short, we want to cover what’s happening around the car with live streamable video 24 hours a day, and respond to potential threats with audio and more. The first product will not be available in the US and UK until next year. Commercial van And the pickup owner. This is an easy-to-install camera with multiple sensor types such as radar and acoustic sensors, located in the cargo area of ​​the van or behind the pickup cab looking at the bed.And yes, it works via Subscription service..

Ford and ADT have developed an AI that claims to know the difference between benign invasions like Opossums and cats and thieves. Vehicle owners can log in to the video feed to see what’s going on at any time. When a real threat such as broken glass or noise like a metal cutter is detected, Canopy sends a notification to the owner via the app. The system also automatically alerts ADT in situations where a human surveillance agent can contact the owner, fleet manager, or police. Ultimately, the update activates the ability for the owner to speak to the threat through the canopy camera speaker as needed.Or with a pre-programmed message Play ED-209 Tell perp that it will take 10 seconds to follow the instructions.

The first product will be launched as part of the Ford Pro for Ford cars, but the plan is a brand-agnostic system sold at dealer, Major retailers, and online. Cameras coming next year are standalone components, but planned product evolutions include a canopy system that connects to vehicle cameras and sensors to help commercial users as well as anyone who wants to protect their belongings. .. Reassurance was also a consideration that emerged during the two-year trial here and in the United Kingdom. Christian Moran, director of FordX and interim CEO of Canopy, said: night. Imagine stepping into a dark and vacant parking lot. You can look around the car using the app. “

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Ford and ADT create canopy vehicle protection system

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