For Rocky Mountain High Dividends, Consider Civitas Resources, Inc.


Civitas Resources Inc, Colorado’s energy leader, is poised to bring significant returns to investors.

If you’re looking for fast-growing small cap stocks, Civitas Resources Inc. Consider buying stock in.

The company is proud to be Colorado’s first carbon-neutral energy operator.

Focuses on the development and production of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids in the Denver-Juresburg Basin, Colorado.

Since John Elway and Coors Light, Civitas is the best to come out of Colorado.

Coors Light 1

The company’s potential return is as high as the Rocky Mountains themselves, and investors already love it.

Investopedia has named Civitas one of the top five small cap stocks in December and ranked it as one of the fastest growing small cap stocks on the market.

Civitas revenue surged 227% and EPS increased 718%. In addition, the company has grown 101% annually over the last five years.

Oh, and this is the best part. Participate in the action and buy shares of Civitas to receive prizes.

Show me what they won, Vana!

Vana White

If you purchase shares of Civitas Resources Inc. by December 15, 2021, you will receive a dividend of $ 0.4625 per share on December 30, 2021.

But wait … there’s more!

But Wait Theres More

From 2022, the company aims to return 50% of its free cash flow after basic dividends to shareholders in the form of variable dividends.

These payout awards are better than the awards at the bottom of the cracker jackbox!

The fact that Civitas pays such a large amount of dividends makes it easier to increase dividends when profit per share is increasing, so companies with strong growth prospects usually offer the highest dividends. It’s a good sign for the future of.

Civitas continues to increase earnings per share while paying a low percentage of earnings and cash flow. This helps with the prospect that the company is reinvesting to keep its business growing.

But wait, wait, there’s more!

This is quickly turning into a midnight infomercial.

According to the Green Zone rating, the Civitas score is 99. You don’t need a math genius to realize that this is only one point away from the perfect score.

Our Green Zone rating is “strong bullish” against Civitas stocks due to its strong momentum, low volatility, low valuation and high growth prospects.

Civitas GZR

This infomercial is far superior to sham wows and random pots and pans that can make omelets and chai tea latte at the same time.

So meet my fellow investors in the Rocky Mountains. Get a stock of Civitas Resources Inc.

For Rocky Mountain High Dividends, Consider Civitas Resources, Inc. Source link For Rocky Mountain High Dividends, Consider Civitas Resources, Inc.

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