For now, go back to school


Welcome.Approaching Bean season, At least here in the northeastern United States, the season for root vegetables and apple cider. The symbol of the autumn green market is as pleasant as the change of leaves and the change of light. It is a constant of the seasons of the planet that I was not sure of for quite a long time.

At least the seasonal constants for this season.

This year, many of us are adding a return to face-to-face school to our autumn itinerary. For parents who have been performing tricky choreography and hybrid learning at home for the past year and a half, this may be the most welcome (or nervous for some) fall guideposts. Hmm.

Once upon a time, September and school supplies were synonymous. Now, sending children to a homeroom teacher is a gift, and what we know can be revoked.

What else do you take for granted? What else are we convinced that we can show that this is not the case?

National park.. 2 days shipping.. Moviegoing.. Youth Hostel.. Hair loss.. Remaining children of grandchildren..

Would you like to explore some of what seems to be permanent today and think about what to do if they change or disappear? It’s a discreet way to understand what’s happening now, recognizing that it’s not eternal. You can do this with what you like and what you don’t care about. Trees outside the window, traffic, neighbors, meetings. School drop-off and pickup, mask or no mask. Go to work or take a vacation at home or on the go.

Isn’t the “constant” of your life you’ve noticed recently really that constant? tell me: Be sure to include your full name and location. We may cover the answer in a future newsletter.It was Away from home.. Read all the letters sent. Here are some other ideas for spending time at home or away. I’ll be back on Friday.

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For now, go back to school

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