Florida Police Find Missing Female Fiancé Gabby Petit | Florida


Florida police are working with the FBI to “interest in her disappearance.”

Petito and Laundrie lived in their cars and were on a “van life” trip across the southwestern United States. Petito’s family reported that she went missing last week after Laundrie returned to Florida alone.

On Saturday, police searched a laundromat in a vast wildlife sanctuary near the Gulf. Dozens of Northport police officers, FBI agents, and other law enforcement members have searched the 24,000-acre Carlton Sanctuary in the Sarasota area.

“His family says he believes he entered the area earlier this week,” Northport police tweeted.

According to police, Laundry’s family told police that he hadn’t seen him since Tuesday, but didn’t tell authorities he was missing for three days.

According to police, the Friday evening conversation was the first to have a detailed discussion with Laundry’s family and was at the request of the family. Family lawyers were called FBI agents and said they wanted to talk, police said. In another statement, police said the investigation was currently a “multiple missing” case.

In a statement late Friday, Petite lawyer Richard B. Stafford said: There is no Gabby. “

Utah police on Thursday Released video After discussions in the tourist destination Moab, it shows 22-year-old Petit and Laundry. Authorities and Petit’s family then urged the laundromat family to work with the investigators.

Body camera footage dated August 12 shows a police officer pulling a van where Laundry and Petit were moving after a speed breach was seen and hit a curb near the entrance to Arches National Park. Petit is visibly upset.

“We are fighting this morning,” she tells the officers. “Some personal issues.”

She adds: [obsessive compulsive disorder], And I just cleaned and straightened and apologized to him. I sometimes have an OCD and it’s frustrating, so I said it was very mean. “

Laundry says the couple entered a minor brawl that began when he climbed the van with his dirty feet. He says he does not want to pursue accusations of domestic violence against Petit, which officers consider to be an invader.

“She is my fiancé and I love her, so I’m not going to pursue anything,” he says. “It was just a quarrel. I’m sorry, I had to make it public.”

Moab police separated the couple that night, Laundry checked in at the motel, and Petit remained in the van.

A month later, Petito’s family reported that she was missing. She is currently the subject of a national survey. Laundry was not working with investigators before his family reported that he was missing.

This case has received a lot of attention, partly because of Petit. Many followers on Instagram.. Her last post was dated August 25th.

Investigators were dissatisfied with Laundry’s refusal to meet. “Two went on a trip and one is back!” Northport Police Chief Todd Garrison tweeted Wednesday.

The couple, who were childhood lovers on Long Island, moved to Florida in 2019 and lived with Laundry’s parents in North Port, about 34 miles south of Sarasota. According to social media accounts, they set out on a “van life” trip in July and planned to arrive in Oregon by Halloween.

Petit’s last contact with his family was in late August, according to officials, from Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Laundry returned the Ford Transit van to Florida on September 1. Petito’s family filed a report of the missing person with police in Long Island and wrote to Laundrie’s parents.

“I believe you know where Brian left Gabby,” the letter said. “Tell me. As a parent, how can you get us to overcome this pain and not help us? As a parent, how can you get Gabby’s brother and sister through this?”

Laundry lawyer Stephen Bertolino said the family wanted Petit to return home safely, but he asked them not to talk to the investigators.

Police chief Garrison told ABC: “I can’t guess why he’s not talking, but I have the puzzle pieces I need to find Gabby.”

Laundrie’s sister, Cassie Laundrie, said she wanted to find Petito and make it a “big misunderstanding.”

Garrison told reporters that the investigation was still a missing person case. The search was not started because it was not clear where the authorities should start looking.

“We are still trying to identify the geographic area,” Garrison said. “There is a lot of information we are experiencing. Our focus is on finding Gabby.”

At the same press conference, Petit’s father, Joe Petit, said: So far, there are no other issues. “

Northport police say they murder Two women met at a campsite near Moab in August, but they didn’t know any connection.

The bodies of Kylen Schulte (24 years old) and Crystal Turner (38 years old) were found on August 18. The women told their friends that they were afraid that the “creepy man” would harm them.

Florida Police Find Missing Female Fiancé Gabby Petit | Florida

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