Flickto partners with Muesli Swap to unlock the full potential of the Flick Utility Token


Muesli Swap and Flickto have agreed on a long-term strategic partnership to combine expertise in Crypto, Media, and Marketing. Flickto will bolster its current ISPO Remastered Campaign by having a partner page on MuesliSwap next month in order to market out to the wider Cardano community, MuesliSwap will allow its users to Stake milk, which will increase the awareness of Flickto and bring a lot of new holders. Flickto will provide marketing efforts to MuesliSwap to help with PR resources and other marketing materials in order to Cross-promote. 

“This partnership excites me for two distinct reasons; firstly, we believe that Cardano partnerships strengthen the wider community, and secondly, it’s a key stakeholder in sharing the Cardano story and how we can facilitate this storytelling through the projects and individuals that inhabit this space,” said Sobanan Narenthiran, Head of Business Development of Flickto Ltd

Muesli Swap has been one of the premier DEX in the Cardano Ecosystem, and this partnership with Flickto will provide best-in-class services to both communities. Flickto will be leaning on Muesli Swaps’ demonstrated History of collaborating with amazing projects in the ecosystem in order to execute its goal of creating a Decentralized Media titan. Flickto has distinguished itself from many startups with its outstanding marketing team, which will provide its services to Muesli Swap.

About MuesliSwap

MuesliSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain that enables you to trade your favorite Cardano tokens. Backed by a newly developed token swapping protocol, MuesliSwap aims to become the go-to DEX on Cardano. MuesliSwap applies the order book model used by traditional stock exchanges to the blockchain, providing crypto traders with features like limit orders.

About Flickto Ltd.

Flickto is a media incubator that utilizes the Cardano Proof of Stake mechanism. Through Cardano’s ISPO model we aim to introduce a new type of funding for all content creators. Using this model those interested in the [FLICK] project will be able to stake their ADA to the [FLICK] pool. Through the funds delegated from our pool, we aim to fund content creators in their pursuit to fulfill their lifelong ambitions. 

Our aim is to empower the next generation of content to be created and disseminated. Cardano’s ISPO model will allow us to gather as much funding as possible from those who take interest in our project, whilst allowing them to vote on the content they want to see put forward for distribution.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.



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