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    Five Things You Should Know About A Singer Who Died at the Age of 78 – Hollywood Life

    Ronnie Spector’s chart-top career was often overshadowed by her rocky marriage to producer and convicted murderer Phil Spector. Find out everything about Ronnie here.

    The world of music has lost its legend. Ronnie SpectorThe lead singer of the iconic 1960s girl group The Ronettes died on January 8th at the age of 78.She was with her family and in the arms of her husband Jonathan, “read Ronnie’s statement. Official website.. “Ronnie lived her life with a sparkle in her eyes, a cheerful attitude, an evil sense of humor, and a smile on her face. She was full of love and gratitude.”

    Ronnie Spector performing a concert at Florida Atlantic University in 2017. (LarryMarano / Shutterstock)

    Ronnie Pop chart..With her sister Estelle Bennett Cousin Nedra Talley, They formed The Ronettes and made big hits with “Baby, I Love You,” “Walking in the Rain,” and “Be My Baby.” This group was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Sadly, much of her career was overshadowed by her turbulent relationship. Music producer Phil Spector.. Continue reading to find out more about Ronnie below.

    1. Ronnie was born in Harlem, Spain

    The lead singer was born on August 10, 1943 in Harlem, Spain, as Veronica Bennett. Ronnie, Esther, and Nedra started small gigs around New York as relatives to Ronnie until they changed their name to The Ronettes. variety.. One day, the group called Phil’s office and auditioned. Then Phil jumped up and shouted, “That’s the voice I was looking for!” For each outlet.

    2. She started a relationship with producer Phil Spector

    By the time the Ronettes’ popularity was swaying, Ronnie had a relationship with Phil, who was still married to his first wife. Annette Meller.. After the couple divorced, Ronnie and Phil got married in 1968, and Ronnie took his name professionally.

    Ronnie Spector
    Ronnie Spector, Nedra Talley and Estelle Bennett as the Ronettes. (David Magnus / Shutterstock)

    3. She claims Phil abused

    Ronnie claimed in 1990 autobiography please,: Mascara, miniskirts, how to survive madness Phil was “genitive, jealousy, emotional abuse.” She claimed that Phil had left her in Beverly Hills’ home for years as a prisoner, which caused her to become alcoholic.In the book she has a mother Beatrice, Made her leave Phil after a major battle in 1972. Their divorce was confirmed in 1974.

    4. Her ex-husband will continue to kill the actress

    On February 3, 2003, Phil shot the actress deadly. Lana Clarkson In the mouth while at home in Alhambra, California. After a suspicious trial, he was convicted of his second murder in 2009 and sentenced to 19 years in state prison. Phil died in prison on January 16, 2021 at the age of 81.

    5. Ronnie survives by five sons

    Ronnie adopted three sons while he was married to Phil. Donte, Louis When Gary.. In 1982, Ronnie married a manager Jonathan Greenfield, It helped her get her career back on track and was also the driving force for controlling her drinking.They share a son Austin When Jason..

    Five Things You Should Know About A Singer Who Died at the Age of 78 – Hollywood Life

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