Five most shocking Turpin family secrets, from Barbie cam to beatings in house of horrors as Bible used to justify abuse


Decades after the United States learned of the Tarpin family news and the abuse of dozens of children by parents David and Louise, Americans still have a special television broadcast of details of the torture they have suffered. I’m upset.

David and Louise were sentenced to life imprisonment for 25 years after a jury pleaded guilty to horrific abuse and imprisonment of their children, and 12 out of 13 children were tied to a bed in a stinking room. Was being done.


David and Louise Turpin kept the kids in bed for months and deliberately cursed them with food while they were hungry.
The children were beaten until they shed blood and couldn


The children were beaten until they shed blood and couldn’t get outCredit: ABC

But when police arrived at their home in Perris, California (about 70 miles from Los Angeles), they were scared to find out how badly Tarpin treated their children.

After an exclusive interview on 20/20, aired on November 19, here is the most shocking revelation of how poor Tarpin children spent their childhood.

“Explain the Bible”

Two of the Tarpin sisters have twisted parents He “used the Bible” to justify their abuse and claimed that they had the right to kill them.

13 siblings were rescued from home in January 2018 Jordan Tarpin Escaped and was called 911.

Jennifer and Jordan claimed that their parents, David and Louise, used household items such as belts and sticks as punishment tools.

They claimed that their parents used the Bible to justify the abuse.

Jennifer, 33, said: “They literally used the Bible to explain their actions.

“They love to point things out in Deuteronomy and said,’We have the right to do this to you.’ If we don’t listen, they have the right to kill us. There was even. “

The brothers also claimed that their parents chained them to their beds and pulled their hair if they cheated.

Jordan Tarpin called 911 in January 2018, but admitted that he could hardly do it.

The 21-year-old sibling said, “I was trembling all over. I couldn’t call 911. I think I was nearing death many times. If anything happened, at least I tried and died. “

In a 911 call played during the interview preview clip, Jordan says, “I live in a family of 15 and abuse my parents, so I ran away from home.”

Jennifer said the “only word” she could use to call their situation was “hell.”

“I knew him [was] I said I was a devil, “she said. “I just see him as” what did I do? ” “

Survived with ketchup

When Jennifer was 18, the evil couple moved their ten children to a remote trailer on their property and took only their youngest two before driving.

They brought in a small amount of groceries once a week, sometimes every other week, and starved the children.

“I tried to stretch it out and at least make sure I had something to eat every day,” Jennifer said.

Jordan, only six years old, added: I will have to understand how to eat. Eat either ketchup, mustard or ice. “

Louise and David used an old-style foldable cell phone to give Jennifer an “instruction” to trap a rebellious brother called a “kennel” in a cage.

“You are torn, you don’t know what to do,” she said. “I was on the verge of suicide. I wanted to end it all. All my pain, all.”

When the family moved to California, in 2010, neighbors found filth and dung all over the house and tied ropes to their children’s beds as if they were being used for restraint.

In her new home, Louise piled up huge credit card debt and stored children’s clothing, games and toys that would never give children.

Jennifer gets kids peanut butter sandwiches, frozen burritos or chips while parents eat fast food and curse them with freshly baked pumpkin pies that are forbidden to touch. He says he ate it once a day.

Google for help

Vanessa Espinoza, a former deputy guardian of the seven adult Tarpins case, was responsible for supporting the housing, medical care, education and food assistance of older children.

But Joshua Tarpin says she was “useless”, When he asked for help, he told him to “just go to Google.”

According to state records, Espinoza works as a real estate broker. There is currently a petition in California to revoke her license.

She did not participate in the 20/20 documentary or comment on her claims.

“They are Was sacrificed again Mike Hestlin, a Riverside County lawyer, told Diane Sawyer about his family on a special 20/20 last week.

Hestrin has charged David and Louise, Tarpins’ parents, who are currently serving life imprisonment in various California prisons.

He and his team are in contact with the children.

“They live in the hustle and bustle,” he said while talking. Adult child.

“They live in crime-prone areas. Their education has money — they don’t have access to it.”

Hestrin said it was “unimaginable” that Tarpin was denied “basic needs.”

Barbie’s secret camera

Jennifer spoke During an ABC interview She was afraid to do something wrong because her parents would hit her before the siblings were released.

“If you make a small mistake, you’ll be beaten,” she said. “And not just hitting, hitting until I bleed.

Jordan said She came up with the idea of ​​running away after uploading some videos online.

“… When mom and dad leave, it’s when I sneak into the bathroom and make my videos and put them out,” she said. Jordan usually recorded himself singing in the bathroom.

She told Sawyer that the viewer once sent her a message and asked some questions. Their conversation made her realize that she should ask for help.

Jordan told his parents the horrifying decision to call 911 after she managed to escape.

She explained: “I was trembling all over. I remember I couldn’t dial 911 when I was still on the phone because I was trying to dial 911 but I couldn’t even press a button with my thumb. I was trembling very badly.

“But I was trying to calm down so I could do it, and I finally pushed it and they answered. I literally never talked to anyone on the phone.”

Jordan’s 911 Cole, aired during the episode, explains some of the horrors experienced by Tarpin’s children.

“They hit us … they throw us across the room, pull our hair, pull our hair out,” she said. “Now my two sisters are chained together.”

Vicious abuse in hell

The brother told the police Some children were tied up with chains and padlocks. Police officers found children tied to their beds in a “dark and stinking environment.”

According to a statement from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, “The agent found what appeared to be 12 children in the house, but was shocked that seven of them were actually adults. rice field.

“The victim appeared malnourished and very dirty.”

Neighbors told local media that they didn’t know they had children in the house, but others told them they only saw them at night.

As Jordan explained, police officers found two children tied up in chains, with chains hanging from what looked like a bunk bed.

Investigators later discovered that the children were frequently beaten by twisted parents until they were allowed to shed blood, strangle, eat only once a day, and take a shower once a year. bottom.

The evil couple, who quote the Bible to justify frequent beatings, left children tied up for months at a time.

The children lived on a sandwich of bologna and peanut butter, and their parents took out in front of them.

Children were not allowed to exercise, could only speak when spoken, and were forbidden to associate with each other.

The eldest daughter, a 29-year-old woman, weighs only 82 pounds, which is typical of a 7-year-old.

David and Louise afflicted the children by omitting the apple and pumpkin pies they were forbidden to eat.

They also bought children’s toys, but refused to let them open them.

David, then 57, and Louise, 50, were arrested for horrific abuse and imprisonment of their children and later sentenced to life imprisonment.

They pleaded 14 charges, including atrocities against adult dependents, atrocities of children, torture, and imprisonment.

All Tarpin brothers were hospitalized for several weeks before the six brothers were split into two different foster parents.

Jennifer planted a camera on a Barbie doll to get evidence of her brother


Jennifer planted a camera on a Barbie doll to get evidence of her brother’s abuseCredit: ABC
She will catch her parents pulling the hair of her and her siblings and hitting them


She will catch her parents pulling the hair of her and her siblings and hitting themCredit: ABC
Jennifer made a brave escape when talking to someone online about her childhood growth.


Jennifer made a brave escape when talking to someone online about her childhood growth.Credit: Good Morning America
The Turpins – the whole body was trembling after escaping the House of Horrors – almost dying many times

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Five most shocking Turpin family secrets, from Barbie cam to beatings in house of horrors as Bible used to justify abuse Source link Five most shocking Turpin family secrets, from Barbie cam to beatings in house of horrors as Bible used to justify abuse

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