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    FirstFT: More than 30 people drown while trying to cross Channel

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    Over 30 people have Drowning When trying to cross the English Channel from France in the worst accident since the surge of secret small boat intersections that undermined the relationship between Paris and London began.

    French officials said they had been warned of a disaster by the crew of a fishing vessel who saw people in the waters of the Strait of Dover. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said 31 people, including five women and one girl, were drowned after the capsize of the migrant ship.

    “It was a very fragile boat, and when the rescue team arrived, the boat was shrinking like an inflatable garden pool.”

    AFP news outlets reported that Dunkerk prosecutors have begun investigating the possible crimes of those who smuggled and exacerbated manslaughter.

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    1. Deutsche Bahn whistleblower suspects fraud Two employees alleged that some senior officials of the Japanese National Railways abused corporate funds as part Extensive fraud Stuttgart underground station, one of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects.

    2. Jamie Dimon apologizes twice for Chinese comments Published by JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Officer Two separate apologies After telling a group of US business leaders that Wall Street lenders will last longer than the Chinese Communist Party.His public rise is due to banks and European rivals Grand prize Worth chasing in China.

    3. The Swedish Prime Minister resigns within hours of taking office Magdalena Anderson Get off As the country’s first female prime minister when her new partner from the Greens left the coalition and her centre-left government collapsed, just seven hours after gaining congressional support.

    4. Government-sponsored reviews call for a shake-up of British football Sports are set for Fundamental makeover This includes the right to block changes in club ownership, the right to veto supporters of important decisions, and the redistribution tax on proposal-based Premier League player transfers.

    5. Three men convicted of murder in Arbury’s shooting U.S. jury found three white men Sin of killing Amado ArburyA 25-year-old black man, who was shot dead while jogging in Georgia last year, was shot in a nationwide protest of racial justice.

    Coronavirus digest

    • Austrian Airlines The prosecutor 18 months of research completed The outbreak of coronavirus at ski resorts is not guilty of cheating on the authorities.

    • NS Inflation in the United States The measures carefully monitored by the Federal Reserve last month are: The biggest jump year-on-year From the 1990s.

    • Nando’s 2020 is “The most challenging yearIn its history revealed by the chicken chain, annual pre-tax losses have more than doubled to £ 240m.

    • Countries such as Mexico It provides a sharp example of how employees with young children were worst affected during a pandemic. this is Third time of Our series How Covid-19 transformed the labor market.

    The day before

    Minutes of the European Central Bank How long do ECB interest rate setters expect to continue buying bonds and when can they raise interest rates from very low levels?Expected to be clearer These important questions When the minutes of last month’s policy meeting were released.

    Launch of UK International Investment British Foreign Minister Liz Truss Presentation An institution that leverages private capital to invest in Asian, African and Caribbean countries and provides an alternative to Chinese lending, which is considered a tool for spreading Beijing’s influence.

    Thanksgiving holidays in the United States Fear of Covid-19 surge Come during a holiday when tens of millions of Americans travel to reunite with their families, some of them are the first since the beginning of the pandemic.However repeater You have to expect Higher price This year.

    A bivariate state map showing a comparison of vaccination rates and new case / hospitalization rates for each state from August to November 2021. Colors and data are binned by quantity according to the range of data. In the summer, the relationship between vaccination and cases / hospitalization was consistently reversed between states, but the significant increase in breakthrough cases in the past few months has led to weakened immunity and vaccines, especially in cases. Delayed vaccination rates broke that relationship.

    Other things we read and hear

    Scholz fills political differences and becomes Merkel’s heir On Wednesday, Olav Shorts sealed one of the most A remarkable comeback In German politics, he was also canceled for months as he ran and stood in front of a packed hall as the new prime minister of the country.his Coalition contract We are currently focusing on climate investment as well as our commitment to wages and pensions.

    Sometimes we need to “disbelieve” our tribe In today’s “attention economy,” people often seem to decide what they believe in, not after rationally assessing the facts, but according to the belief system of their idealistic camp. Jemima Kelly asks What makes us all so reluctant to understand the “other side” and perhaps even impossible?

    Inside Boris Johnson’s Downing Street A series of policy accidents have brought attention to the operations of the British Prime Minister’s Office. Some believe that the UK Prime Minister’s Office lacks experience prior to major winter challenges.This is 4 groups of number 10, Each has different priorities and is competing for Johnson’s ears.

    • opinion: What’s new about Johnson’s recent crisis is the lack of a strategic mission to mask his mistakes and shortcomings. I’m writing Robert Shrimsley..

    Ministers, officials and lawmakers told the Financial Times that the Johnson administration is drifting.

    Several ministers, officials and lawmakers told the Financial Times that the Johnson administration is drifting © Simon Dawson / Number 10 Downing Street

    Is it time to open up about wages? Even your best friend may not know how much you earn at work. In this episode of the FT podcast WorkingIt, host Isabel Berwick tries to solve what we’re worried about.In addition, she talks to the Brook Masters How to negotiate a salary increase..

    The United States and China are already in a state of war. But what kind? As hedge fund celebrity Ray Dalio points out, Conflicts can occur in many ways, It’s not just exercise. “There are trade wars, technical wars, geopolitical wars, capital wars, and military wars are possible … And there are good reasons to worry about the fifth type,” he told Gillian Tett. Told.

    Thanks to the readers who did our poll yesterday. 62% said global brands are facing a “turning point” in balancing ethics and China.


    Ridley Scott called his chaotic new movie House of Gucci “satire”. In other words, it means a joke. It explains a lot. Scott is a lot, and sometimes there are filmmakers with unparalleled grand design. He’s not a comedian who writes FT film critic Danny Lee.

    Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci and Lady Gaga as Patrizia Regiani

    Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci in “House of Gucci” and Lady Gaga as Patrizia Regiani © AP

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