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    FirstFT: EU poised to withhold €100m from Poland

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    Brussels is ready to withhold is more than 100 million euros From Poland, Brock’s Attorney General warned to cover unpaid fines imposed by the EU Supreme Court.

    Didier Lendels told the Financial Times that the Commission will send a letter to Warsaw requesting payment of a fine of € 69 million per day, accumulated between early November and early this week.

    He said that if Poland does not comply within 60 days, the Commission will withhold fines from EU payments to be paid to the country and interest payments will be levied on top.

    Poland is involved in a long-standing dispute with Brussels over a move by the country’s conservative nationalist ruling party to gain its jurisdiction, including through a disciplinary action room that can punish judges.

    Warsaw was ordered to pay a fine of € 1 million daily in October last year for failing to comply with the measures imposed by the European Court of Justice demanding the suspension of aspects of the judicial disciplinary system.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the vote yesterday. 78% said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs to resign from attending the 2020 blockade event.The rest of the news today is — Jennifer

    1. Google buys a $ 1 billion London building Silicon Valley giant Buy an office building Even near Tottenham Court Road, employees are making big bets on getting back to work, even though they are building a huge headquarters in nearby Kings Cross.

    2. Negative yield debt falls to $ 10tn World-class due to shrinking pandemic monetary policy Negative yield debt up to $ 10tn For the first time since April 2020, investors are preparing the central bank to raise interest rates and end large asset purchases. Bond yields have jumped to their highest levels since before the crisis.

    3. Kremlin: US and NATO security talks “fail” Russia talks with Geneva in Brussels Could not address security complaintsAsks whether western diplomatic promotion would mitigate the threat of Moscow’s military action against Ukraine.That was the conclusion that the Western government and negotiators had Afraid but expected..

    4.4. MI5 warns of “political interference” by Chinese agents MPs have been warned by MI5 in the Chinese Communist Party’s parliament that Chinese agents are “engaged in political intervention.” Donate over £ 420,000 To one Labor Party member.

    5. Prince Andrew loses royal title Buckingham Palace is the Duke of York Stop using the title “His Highness” He loses his role as a royal guardian of many organizations as the controversy continues over his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a late-convicted sex offender.

    Prince Andrew also loses a long list of honorary military titles, including his ceremonial role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards © Dominic Lipinski / PA

    Coronavirus digest

    • British Secretary of State Sajid Javid Covid-19 The self-quarantine period is shortened In the UK, from the 7th to the 5th, under pressure from companies and the medical sector over the absence of staff.

    • UK recruiter Benefiting from Profit boom Companies are fighting for talented staff and pushing up wages.

    • Victoria Imposing ticket sales restrictions To Australian Open Due to increased infection.Tennis star Novak Djokovic Destiny remains In balance After the Australian Prime Minister Postpone the decision About whether to deport him.

    • The US Supreme Court Have Blocked Joe Biden’s mission Instructed large companies to impose “vaccination or testing” obligations on employees, but upheld rules requiring healthcare professionals to vaccinate Covid-19.

    • FT view: Manager in the pandemic era Deserves our sympathy..

    • Worst harm Anti-Baxer What to do to their family I’m writing Simon Kuper.. How does the sadness of losing an unvaccinated loved one shape millions of bereaved families?

    For more information on how the world economy is recovering from a pandemic, Newsletter on the road to recovery..

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    The coming day

    U.S. Bank Revenue Investor Hope is high Asset Manager BlackRock as JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo begin proceedings with fourth-quarter results Report Its latest financial results.

    Ash test cricket 5th in Australia Final game The match against England begins at Hobert. The home team draws the match and leads the series 3-0.

    Economic data Germany announces gross domestic product for the whole year NumbersThe UK will provide GDP updates for November and data on industrial production, trade and productivity.December in the United States Retail sales After a modest rise in November, it is likely to reflect the effects of supply shortages and rising inflation. France publishes consumer price index data, while the EU publishes monthly international trade figures. (FT, WSJ)

    Covid restrictions British tourists in France Start returning After lifting most restrictions on vaccinated travelers today.On Sunday, the protesters march In Amsterdam against the Dutch coronavirus reaction.

    Serbian Constitution Referendum Balkan countries vote Whether to strengthen judicial independence on Sunday. (FP)

    Other things we read and hear

    Bain & Co, Tax and Jacob Zuma As a young democratic financial breakwater, South Africa’s revenue services were renowned as one of the most effective tax collectors on the continent. However, this month’s judicial report criticized management consultant Bain & Company as an enabler for Graft. Muddy nexus Between politics and business.

    Washington Wall Street Problem There have been protests against investment by civil servants in Congress and throughout the United States, raising questions about unfair market opportunities and urging lawmakers to pursue legislation banning aggressive investment. Who should be allowed to trade among the powerful people??

    Don’t ridicule the Davos Prophet of Destiny Every winter, the World Economic Forum surveys members about perceived risks. This year’s survey of Davos participants is surprisingly pessimistic. Doubly impressive are the details about what scares the Davos elite. Gillian Tett writes.. 878e 46cf a26d 1b00282b0539

    Gillian Tett:’The list of social concerns contains issues that have never appeared in this ranking’ © Efi Chalikopoulou

    Kazakhstan power struggle After the initial speculation that Nursultan Nazarbayev’s seize of power would be revoked by protests, the true impact on Kazakhstan’s post-Soviet leaders and his allies is now less clear.The struggle to decide the course of the country In the regime itself..

    Bridging the gap between generations in the workplace In the office, there can often be a discrepancy between Generation X and Boomer’s “wisdom and experience” and the “innovative energy” of their 20s and 30s.But what is Benefits and pitfalls Do you work with people who are much older (or younger) than you? Isabel Berwick is looking into the WorkingIt podcast.


    From the homemade wisdom of cheerleader coaches to how to deal with “jerk” at work this month Top business reading..

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