FirstFT: Brexit fears hold back US-UK trade deal


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America is Delay the transaction Concerned about London’s threat of changing trading rules after Brexit in Northern Ireland, Washington will eliminate tariffs on British steel and aluminum during the Trump era.

Brussels and Washington have repeatedly warned London that unilateral changes to the EU-UK agreement that sealed Britain’s withdrawal from the block in 2020 could threaten the peace of Ireland.

In a communication seen by the Financial Times, U.S. Commerce officials said metal tariffs due to U.S. concerns about a U.S. threat triggering Article 16 of the safeguard clause of the Northern Ireland Protocol after Brexit. He said he could not proceed with negotiations on mitigation.

This clause invalidates some of the UK’s exit from the EU and suspends checking for goods traveling to Northern Ireland from other parts of the UK.

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1. Covid Pound Eurozone Consumer Activity Increased infections, new variants, and reimbursement of pandemic restrictions Threatening economic recovery in the euro area, Frequent data will be displayed as fewer people go shopping, eat at restaurants, or visit movie theaters.

2. Turkish Finance Minister resigns Lütfi Erwin, who was considered the last remaining economic orthodox voice in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s cabinet, Replaced by Loyalist In the plunge of Lira.

3. Phoenix urges the UK economy to release £ 50 billion through solvency reforms. The UK’s largest long-term savings provider urged the minister to: EU solvency rule reform It is still being applied in the UK to revive the economy, strengthen infrastructure and unleash investment to fulfill climate change commitments.

4. WTA will suspend tennis tournament in China The Women’s Tennis Association, based in the United States, Suspend tournament in China, Raising tensions with Beijing over handling the allegations of sexual assault star player Peng Shuai against former Chinese top executives.

Peng Shuai will serve during the match

Many prominent tennis stars have expressed concern about Peng Shuai’s well-being after Peng Shuai accused former Chinese Communists of sexual assault © AFP via Getty Images

5. Epstein’s whistleblower testifies that she was introduced to Trump A woman in her 40s told a court in New York yesterday that sex offender Jeffrey Epstein took her to a property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Meet Donald Trump When she was 14 years old.Catch up with the trial here..

Coronavirus digest

  • Omicron coronavirus mutants can increase imbalance Slow growth and boost inflation, NS OECD I warned you.

  • NS England I will purchase it additionally 114m dose vaccine Use for the next two years, including a modified jab to tackle future variants.

  • Jay Powell, The Federal Reserve Chair sent a message to the market on Tuesday with his hawkish comments: Fighting inflation Central bank’s top priority. FT view Powell was right to retire from the misleading words.temporary“.

  • Multi-manager hedge fund that is Drive traders’ rewards high in the sky After prospering during the coronavirus crisis.

  • KPMG He told a UK auditor that he was expected in the office of the client site. 4 days a week future.In the latest episode of the new podcast Move it, Host Isabel Berwick investigates flat hierarchy topics.

The day before

Opec + Meeting The group is concerned about the spread of Omicron varieties and how vaccines can withstand it, so they will announce what they are trying to do with oil prices, which are falling about 20% in a week. Opec watchers expect it Pause the increase in supply.. (Nasdaq)

Old Bexley and Sid Cup By-elections NS vote To fill the London seats held by Tory lawmaker James Brokenshire before his death First election test For the ruling Conservative Party after the Threes scandal.

USA gives an overview of Covid curbs President Joe Biden A series of measures It is designed to slow the spread of the virus during the winter, including stricter testing requirements for international travelers.The country has identified that First reported case Covid-19 infection caused by an Omicron mutation in an individual returning from South Africa.

Over 100 influential leaders from across the United States and around the world at the Global Boardroom Conference to discuss how to build a resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy and business in a crisis-transformed world. And join FT’s top journalists.Register for free here..

What else are you reading

25 Most Influential Women in 2021 FT Enlarged list And make an entry for some of the world’s most influential women, including Jane Fraser, Christine Lagarde, Elizabeth Warren, Billie Jean King, Malala, Greta Thunberg, and readers like you. I asked you to write.

Beyond continents, industries and problems, all of these notable women are shaping this turbulent year.

Beyond continents, industries and problems, all of these notable women are shaping this turbulent year © Freya Betts

Boris Johnson does not want European tensions Expectations for a relationship reset remain ambiguous and are plagued by continued post-Brexit negotiations. Few people are ready to do whatever they want. Robert Schlimsley writes..

Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to uneven power Once the most important figure in Israel, the five prime ministers face criminal charges on suspicion of corruption. Block his way Return to the head of the right-wing camp. But his next big chance may come in late 2023.

Nuclear negotiators are struggling to revive Iran’s transactions When the discussion starts this week Resurface the nuclear deterrence agreementA torpedo was fired by former US President Donald Trump three years ago, but no attempt to return to the status quo appears to occur, David Gardner wrote. Do you think the negotiator can revive the deal?Please tell me the latest information vote..

Opinion poll asking about Iran's nuclear program

China’s fight against financial fraud Tens of thousands of citizens are victims of financial fraud. This is a crime that has become a reality in the world’s second-largest economy, boasting a rapidly growing middle- and high-income group. now, National fraud prevention education campaign The purpose is to fight scammers. But is it effective?


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Holiday tree ornament montage

Hand-blown boring things from keeping choices

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