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The House Election Commission, which investigates a fatal assault on the US Capitol on January 6, is ready to urge federal prosecution of former aide Donald Trump, who refused to comply with the subpoena, according to key panel members. is made of.

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino, Strategist Steve Bannon, and Pentagon Aide Kash Patel Challenge the summons For documents and testimony under the guidance of the former President.

middle fear Adam Schiff, a member of the panel and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday: Criminal charges for those who do not meet their legal obligations. “

Meanwhile, second-place Republican Steve Scalise of Louisiana repeatedly reiterated. Refused to say on Sunday The 2020 elections were not stolen.

  • Wyoming’s Liz Cheney also said he would execute the subpoena.. She is one of the two Republicans on the committee.

  • The riot, which killed five people, including police officers, followed a rally near the White House. Trump urged believers to “fight like hell” to overturn their election defeat.

  • In an interview with the Guardian, Schiff discusses life before politics Like his protagonist in the impeachment and other dramas at Capitol Hill.

Donald Trump’s own Treasury Secretary Blocks Ivanka Trump’s Role – Report

(From left) On the Berlin panel, Canada’s Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, Ivanka Trump, then IMF director Christine Lagarde, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: Markus Schreiber / AP

It was only direct intervention from his own Treasury Secretary that Donald Trump stopped appointing his daughter Ivanka Trump to lead the World Bank. According to reports.

Citing two anonymous sources, Intercept said The appointment was “incredibly likely” in January 2019, as Steven Mnuchin decided to intervene. Goldman Sachs banker and film producer Mnuchin stayed in the post for the entire four-year tenure of Trump. This is a rare feat in Trump’s cabinet. Picks and advisors.

The President of the World Bank is always elected by the United States. In January 2019, Jim Yong Kim resigned. There were many rumors that Ivanka Trump, an executive of the Trump organization, would be elected before her father entered politics.

3 months later, playing cards Told the Atlantic: “I even thought about Ivanka for the World Bank … she was so good at numbers that she would have been great.”

  • Ivanka Trump Told reporters Her father offered her a job However, she refused because she was “satisfied with the job” as a senior adviser to the White House.

  • “More and more countries” are dissatisfied with the United States’ constant choice of World Bank leaders Experts say that when asked how close the president’s daughter has come to be elected, “fuel for fire” could increase.

Lego removes gender prejudice from toys based on the results of a child survey

A child is playing with Lego.Toy makers said they are working to remove gender prejudice from their product lines
A child is playing with Lego. Toy makers said they are working to remove gender stigma from their product lines. Photo: James Veysey / Rex / Shutterstock

LEGO announces efforts to remove gender stereotypes from toys as a global survey commissioned by the company reveals attitudes towards play and future careers remain unequal and restricted. Did.

Researchers have found that while girls are more confident in engaging in a wide range of activities, the same is not true for boys.

Seventy-one percent of the boys surveyed were afraid that they would be teased if they played with what was called a “girl’s toy.” This is a fear shared by parents. “Parents are worried that their son will be more teased than their daughter by playing with other gender-related toys,” said Madeline di Nonno, CEO. .. Geena Davis Institute on Gender Inmedia, The person who did the research.

According to a survey, parents still give their son sports Trunk activity, Daughters were offered dancing and dressing up (girls are 5 times more likely to be encouraged in these activities than boys) or baking (3 times more likely to be encouraged).

  • Danish toy maker United Nations International Girls Day on Monday.. We surveyed about 7,000 parents and children between the ages of 6 and 14 in China, the Czech Republic, Japan, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In other news …

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen
Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen says his group has assured the United States that it has committed to Afghanistan, which has not been used by militants to attack other nations. Photo: Tatyana Makeyeva / Reuters
  • America I agreed Desperately providing humanitarian assistance to the poor Afghanistan The Taliban said on Sunday that it was on the verge of an economic disaster but refused to give political approval to the country’s new ruler.

  • The bus fell into the river in the north China, At least 3 people died And 11 other people are missing After heavy rain floods, houses in two states were destroyed and farmland covered.

  • A man who tried to hit a person with a truck on the sidewalk diedAfter colliding with a building, it was pulled out and beaten by a group in Southern California. Authorities said..

  • Facebook executive Nick Clegg took a damage-restricted tour of the U.S. political talk show on Sunday, However While avoiding Questions about the Parliamentary attack.

Today’s statistics: More than half of California’s 20 largest fires in history have burned in the last four years

Firefighters in Butte County are watching the flames spread rapidly across the road in a bear fire in Oroville, California.
Firefighters in Butte County are watching the flames spread rapidly across the road in a bear fire in Oroville, California. Photo: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Firefighters can still remember when they fought the so-called megafire, a flame that struck over 100,000 acres. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nowadays, it is much more common for fires to spread over vast lands… More than half of California’s 20 largest fires in history have burned in the last four years. Eight of the top 20 fires in Oregon also broke out during that period.Last year, Arizona burned the most acres In its history.California’s August complex fireIt became the first gigafire in history in 2020, consuming more than 1 million acres on its own.

Don’t miss this: Feliz suddenly one morning his successor, Alan Ruck, drinks and bounces

Ferris suddenly met Matthew Broderick (right) one morning.
Ferris suddenly met Matthew Broderick (right) one morning. Photo: Cinetext Bildarchiv / Paramount / Allstar

By the time he was cast in a row, Alan Ruck, now 65, was well accustomed to doing sad and apologetic things. As Star Trek Generations Captain Harriman, he had to deal with the loss of Captain Kirk. As a Twister Rabbit, he was a silly member of the tornado tracking team, making a fuss about the map. But after decades of slump, the actor’s career has returned in the role of Connor Roy. He talks about the success of the 80’s, the “problem of attitude”, and the excitement. About the new series of successions.

Or this: How to whistle on Facebook – from someone who has already done it

Sophie Chan, right, a whistleblower who came out two years ago.Last week, Frances Haugen, left, testified before Congress
Sophie Chan, right, a whistleblower who came out two years ago. Last week, Frances Haugen testified to the left before Congress. Composite: Rex / Shutterstock / Guardian

In April of this year, Sophane told the world that his employer had failed to combat deception and abuse. Another Facebook whistleblower this month, Frances Haugen, Came out before.After providing the Wall Street Journal and the U.S. Government with thousands of internal documents showing Facebook Internal investigation To its own harm, Hogen Testimony to Congress.. In her testimony, Hogen “encouraged more engineers to move forward through legitimate channels … to make sure the public has the information they need.” .. Here’s Zhang’s advice for potential whistle blowers:..

Climate check: The 1765 Air Capsule reveals ancient history hidden under Antarctic ice

Artist Wayne Vinity with his glass sculptures containing air from 1765
Artist Wayne Vinity with his glass sculptures containing air from 1765. Photo: Jane Barlow / Pennsylvania

Antarctic Air Ampoule from 1765 It will form the centerpiece of a new exhibition that reveals the hidden history of polar ice to visitors attending the Cop26 Climate Conference in Glasgow. Artist Wayne Vinity has been working on an extraordinary collaboration with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists over the past five years to excavate, analyze, and preserve ice cylinders from deep ice sheets that record past climate change. It’s done.

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First thing: Trump’s aide could be prosecuted for a Capitol attack | US News

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