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Devin Nunes, a California State Legislature member and a close ally of Donald Trump, has announced that he will leave the US House of Representatives next month to join Trump’s new social media venture.

A Republican representing the rural district of California wrote to the members on Monday, stating that he wanted to pursue “a new opportunity to fight for the most important issues I believe.”

Shortly thereafter, the Trump Media & Technology Group announced in January that Nunes would become its CEO.

In a statement, Nunez said: “It’s time to restart the Internet and allow free flow of ideas and expression without censorship.”

  • Who is Devin Nunes? The 48-year-old woman has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2003 and became known as one of Trump’s strongest defenders in the first impeachment.

  • in the meantime, The top financial regulators on Wall Street Investigate Trump’s $ 1.25 billion transaction A filing was shown on Monday to market his new social media venture to the stock market.

Investigating the latest Emmett Till murder ends for free

In September 1955, Mamie Till Mobley cried at the funeral of her son Emmett Till. Photo: AP

The U.S. Department of Justice has completed an up-to-date investigation into the death of Emmett Till, a black teenager who was brutally kidnapped, tortured, and killed in 1955.

Till’s family expressed disappointment that they remained unaccountable for the infamous Lynch.

“Today is a day we will never forget,” Till’s cousin, Rev. Wheeler Parker, said at a press conference in Chicago. “For 66 years we have been suffering from pain … I have suffered terribly.”

DoJ Resume investigation After the 2017 book, white woman Carolyn Brian Donam said she whistled and lied to her about making sexual progress. However, the investigation ended without accusation against Donam. Donam told the FBI that she had never withdrawn the accusation.

  • what did you do Do you say DoJ? “There is not enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she lied to the FBI,” she said in a news release on Monday.

  • Why is this case so infamous? Till’s murder activated the civil rights movement after Till’s mother claimed an open casket and Jet magazine published a photo of his brutal body.

China attacks US diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics as a “travelesty” of the Olympic spirit

Beijing 2022 Emblem, U.S. and Chinese Flags, Assunsion, Paraguay-December 6, 2021 Required Credits: Photo: Andre M Chang / ZUMA Press Wire / REX / Shutterstock (12633715c) Illustration: Multiple exposure image in camera is U.S.A. The 2022 Winter Olympics on smartphones against the backdrop of China's cut-out waving flags.  The XXIV Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China, from February 4th to 20th, 2022. 2022 Beijing Emblem, US and Chinese Flags, Asuncion, Paraguay-December 6, 2021
The UK, Canada and Australia have also stated that they are considering their position. Photo: Andre M Chang / ZUMA Press Wire / REX / Shutterstock

China responded angry to the US government’s diplomatic boycott for next Winter Olympics. He said more countries would consider participating in protests against Beijing’s human rights records.

Chinese authorities rejected Washington boycott As “attitude and political manipulation,” he sought to undermine the credibility of the decision by claiming that US diplomats had not been invited to Beijing in the first place.

The White House confirmed on Monday that it would not send official or diplomatic representatives for “ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity.”

“Team USA athletes have our full support,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. “We support them from home, so we are 100% behind them. We do not contribute to the fanfare of the tournament.”

  • Are there any other countries that have chosen to do the same? New Zealand said it would not dispatch diplomatic representatives at the ministerial level, citing Covid-19 as the main reason, adding that authorities have expressed concerns about human rights issues.

  • Others? The UK, Canada and Australia have stated that they are considering their position. Last week, Lithuania announced that neither the president nor the minister would attend the convention.

In other news …

Vladimirputin and Joe Biden in Geneva, Switzerland in June.
Vladimirputin and Joe Biden in Geneva, Switzerland in June. Photo: Patrick Semanski / AP
  • Joe Biden is attending a virtual summit with Vladimir Putin today, a few days after close talks with his European allies. Joint response to Ukrainian aggression Wide range of disciplinary measures At his disposal.

  • The CEO of a US mortgage company has been criticized after being reported to have fired 900 employees on Zoom Call. Vishal Garg, CEO of, said: I can hear you saying in the video of the call It was widely disseminated on social media.

  • Since early October, residents of Carson, California have been plagued by stench from the Dominguez Channel. It is likened to a “rotten egg” or a “foul of death.” now, Authorities have identified the cause: A fire in a warehouse where beauty and wellness products were stored.

  • U.S. immigration judges are involved in a tense dispute with Joe Biden over the fight to restore union rights They were taken away under the Trump administration.The head of the Federal Immigration Judges Union Biden administration accused of “doubling” About the efforts of its predecessor.

Today’s Statistics: People in the County Who Voted Playing cards that are almost three times more likely to die from Covid

Republican Covid vaccination rates have leveled off at 59%, while 91% of Democrats have been vaccinated.
Republican Covid vaccination rates have leveled off at 59%, while 91% of Democrats have been vaccinated. Photo: Eric Baradat / AFP / Getty Images

The people of the county who voted for Trump Highly likely to die from Covid-19More than people in the county who voted for Biden, according to a National Public Radio survey. Since May 2021, NPR has investigated the number of deaths per 100,000 in approximately 3,000 counties in the United States. According to the NPR, May 1 was chosen as the starting date because it is an approximate time when the vaccine will be widely available to adults. Studies show that areas that voted for Trump at least 60% in November 2020 had 2.7 times the mortality rate of counties that voted strongly for Biden.

Don’t miss this: Children of oil giant employees discuss Climate crisis with parents

Houston smog, including.  Another smog day at HOV Lane Houston.
In the 1990s, Houston was known as the capital of smog in the United States. Photo: tomwald / Getty Images / iStockphoto

What do you do when your family has deep ties to the oil and gas industry, but everyone agrees that fossil fuel burning is accelerating the climate crisis? For a family, the role of the fossil fuel industry in causing a climate emergency is more than just a supper discussion. It’s their legacy. Andy and Wendy, who worked as Exxon engineers in the 1970s, sat down with their children James and Liz the day before Thanksgiving to discuss the climate crisis and how. The family is considering their fossil fuel ties..

… Or this: The Washington logo designed by Native Americans.Now his family wants to get it back

Washington Redskins of the National Football League will change the name and logo of the Redskins epa08543526 Washington Redskins shirts for sale in stores in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, July 13, 2020. The Washington Redskins of the National Football League will change the name and logo of the Redskins.  Statement of July 13, 2020. No new name has been announced. The Redskins name has been criticized as an aggressive racist term. EPA / Michael Reynolds
Walter S’Blackie’ Wetzel created the logo based on a portrait of a Blackfeet chief named WhiteCalf. Photo: Michael Reynolds / EPA

Last year, when the Washington Football Team abandoned the racist nickname, they also abandoned the Native American profile logo.It was designed by Walter S “Blackie” Wetzel, and now Walter’s son Don Wetzel wants to get it back, but it’s Not sure if Washington owns the copyright.. Wetzel wants to be the face of the Blackie Wetzel Warrior Association, who wants to reuse the logo and raise public awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women, but Washington is still I don’t agree. “It’s a moral battle rather than a legal battle,” Don said.

Climate Check: All coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean are “at high risk of collapse in the next 50 years”

Close up of coral bleaching patch.
Close up of coral bleaching patch. Photo: Pete Niesen / Alamy

All coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean Global heating is at high risk of collapse over the next 50 years According to the evaluation, overfishing. From Saychel to the Delagoa region off Mozambique and South Africa, the reef system is at risk of functional extinction by the 2070s, significant biodiversity loss and threatening the livelihoods and food sources of hundreds of thousands of people.

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Last thing: The honor of the street name for the unloved “Castle Woman” disappoints the Belgian village

The people of Moorsele are happy with the street named after Marie Curie (pictured), but not so happy with the street named after Marie Connie.
The people of Moorsele are happy with the street named after Marie Curie (pictured), but not so happy with the street named after Marie Connie. Photo: AP

Cities around the world are inspired by the #MeToo movement to rename streets after women. But in the village of Moorsele’s Flanders, who are delighted to honor Marie Curie and Marie Curie, Marie Cornilliestraat has despair.. Named after Marie Cornilly, the landowner known as “The Woman of the Castle of Moorsele”. She lived there between 1793 and 1867, but the villagers have long memories. They say she wasn’t a role model, but a proud person who loved dogs more than the locals and tended to urinate in the streets.

First thing: Devin Nunes leaves Congress for Trump’s media work | US News

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