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    Final Mile: Nonprofit Helps Family Bring Home A Truck Driver Killed At Work | US News

    OThe day after Christmas 2021, a 56-year-old Darling Worcester, a long-distance truck driver, was seriously injured in a crash near Grants, New Mexico. He eventually died because he was injured during the crash.

    Worster worked for a truck company, but his wife, Joani Worster, said he couldn’t get the help of the company to take her husband back from New Mexico to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he would rest.

    “I can’t get their insurance director. I left four voicemails,” said Joani Worster. “Which hurts. I first asked if I could get on and pick him up when they picked up the truck, but they never returned to me.”

    She is one of the many surviving loved ones of American truck drivers who die at work, and many truck companies refuse to provide assistance, so to understand the logistics of recovering bodies. I feel left behind.

    Joani Worster contacts Truckers Final Mile, a non-profit organization aimed at helping bereaved families adjust and pay for transportation costs for truck drivers who die on the road, or to help travel in case of injury. I was able to do. sick.

    “They gave me and our four children room to breathe. We pay without savings,” Worster added. “I’m still trying to find the money and the means to take him home.”

    Truck driving has long been one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States, and truck drivers Significantly higher rate than Other professions.

    According to the data from Labor Statistics Bureau, 843 truck drivers died at work in 2019.Truck driver killed at work Accounting More than 1 in 7 deaths in the U.S. workplace Case fatality rate 26.8 per 100,000 workers, compared to the proportion of all US workers with 3.5 deaths per 100,000 workers.

    2014 survey conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Niosh) found Truck drivers must work under tight delivery schedules as a factor in the high fatalities and injuries of truck drivers through fatigue, dangerous weather conditions, and inadequate training. Covid-19 Increased risk With a truck driver Deteriorated Working conditions as drivers face reduced access to services such as food and bathrooms.

    According to Lamont Byrd, this problem does not exist for union truck drivers. The wording of the basic contract for more than 100,000 truck drivers is to ensure that the company transports workers and bears the costs of death, illness, or injury at work. , Director of Safety and Health at Team Stars.

    “Deregulation has created race to the bottom. These companies, with driving as a truck driver, do really tough, long, tough jobs and don’t pay for all the work done. , Really put it in the trash. Industry. This is one thing as a union and we are trying to fix it, “Bird said.

    Today is just a part Over 3.5 million truck drivers Trade unions represent the United States, and many workers rely on the whims of management to assist truck drivers and their families in the event of death, injury, or illness at work. ..

    Since March 1981, road (long-distance) truck driver Robert Palm has experienced several cases throughout his career when his loved one or himself was abandoned by a trucking company after an accident. Later, I started the truck driver final mile.

    In 1993, he lost his brother-in-law in a truck accident, and his family was left to regain him and his belongings and take him home. In 1997, after he was hospitalized for a long time in a truck crash, his family had to take him hundreds of miles away from his home, and the company he worked for was him and him. Did not support the family. Then in 2010, his appendix burst while on the road, and he had to drive himself to the emergency room, and the truck company he was working to provide assistance with. I experienced the same problem at. He was forced to arrange and pay for transportation from St. Louis, Missouri to his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Immediately after the 2012 stop to assist a truck driver who overturned a trailer into a canyon, he experienced an accident on the road and a non-profit organization to assist truck drivers and their families who did not. Started to consider establishing. Helped by their employer.

    “As far as we know, with eight years of experience in this philanthropy, there is no obligation for law, statutes, regulations, employers or businesses to take the driver home for any reason,” Palm said. I am saying. “It is that many drivers need to be educated because they have the assumption that they will be taken care of by their employer.”

    Road on Interstate Highway 10 in Benson, Arizona. Drivers are often left behind to protect themselves when they are far from home. Photo: Norma Jean Gargasz / Alamy

    Palm claimed that there are several trucking companies that assist drivers and their families in the event of an accident.

    “Some people can’t, can’t, or simply don’t help take the driver home, but they go to pick up the truck and pick up the luggage,” Palm said. “This happens every day.”

    Richard Ivy, 53, of Shelby, North Carolina, was driving a truck near Ashland, Ohio, and stopped to help his mother and young child in a car accident.Another vehicle parked on the side of the road Hit them And Ivy was killed on December 28, 2021.

    “He was down the interstate highway when he noticed the wreck that had already happened. He stopped and the woman was trying to hire someone to help her get her little son out of the car.” Ivy’s daughter, Kristen Ivy, said. “Another car hit the car with the baby on it. The baby and mother were slightly injured. My dad was unfortunately deadly. He was killed in a shock.”

    Her father’s employer introduced them to the Trackers Final Mile to help with the costs of recovering the bodies and transporting them to North Carolina. Death was a shock to Ivy’s daughters, who had just reunited with their father five years later and rebuilt their relationship.

    “My dad was the one who carried the shirt on his back,” added Kristen Ivy. “He said he wanted to do what he liked and die. He was on the road as he wanted and was helping someone else. I love him because I don’t know what tomorrow will be. Don’t take people for granted. “

    Final Mile: Nonprofit Helps Family Bring Home A Truck Driver Killed At Work | US News

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