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    Females still have to worry about talking about abuse at the expense of their lives | Alwa Mahadawi

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    The dangers of talking about Peng Shuai and a strong man

    Earlier this month, Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai Post a statement Former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli has been accused of sexual assault on social media site Weibo. Peng’s post admitted that she did not have evidence to support her accusations against a powerful former politician, but she decided not to remain silent. “I tell the truth about you, just as an egg hits a rock, a moth hits a flame, and courts for self-destruction,” Penn writes.

    It disappeared less than 30 minutes after the post went up. Similar to the search related to “tennis”, the search for Peng’s name seemed to be blocked, and her Weibo account was hidden from the search. After that, Peng himself disappeared. The former doubles world No. 1 has not been contacted for more than 2 weeks.

    While international concerns about Peng’s well-being have increased, the Chinese media has remained silent on this issue. The only official mention of the tennis star was a Twitter post by the state-owned English broadcaster CGTN, which produced a screenshot of the expected email from Peng. Allegations of sexual assault What she made was not true. Oddly, people weren’t convinced. I don’t know what happened to Peng, but she’s obviously more than just laid back at home.

    Peng’s situation may be extreme, but it’s not uncommon. When women talk about sexual misconduct, they tend to be punished for it.Talking about sexual harassment at work may suddenly find a career Start stalling..You may find yourself there ExiledIt has become a troublemaker brand.Threatened by the conditions of Strict NDA..Talk about your sexual misconduct University And you may find yourself treated like someone who has done something wrong. You may be asked how much you drank, what you wore, and the number of sexual partners you had. Talk about the popular kids in your town. Your home may burn down.

    The last example is not fictitious-it happened to Daisy Coleman. In 2012, 14-year-old Coleman and 13-year-old best friend Page Parkhurst were assaulted at a party. Both girls were horribly bullied and harassed after they blamed high school football stars. Coleman burned down the house, When The amputated dead rabbit was put into Parkhurst’s car.. Daisy’s mother was fired from her job and the family eventually left the town.Daisy Died of suicide last year..Her mother took her life 4 months later..

    Women who talk about popular or powerful men will almost inevitably find that their history has been scrutinized, their The reputation got worse, And their lives have fallen apart. If I think it’s dramatic here, remember what happened to Harvey Weinstein’s whistleblower. Weinstein “Army of spies” To intimidate his whistleblowers and prevent women from being made public on allegations of sexual misconduct.Actor Asia Argento after New Yorker publishes a report on Weinstein’s use of spies I wrote on Twitter: “Why I didn’t, @ rosemcgowan, @ RoArquette [Rosanna Arquette] @AnnabellSciorra spoke [sic] quickly? Then followed by a former Mossad agent. Isn’t that scary? very. “

    After speaking about sexual misconduct, I was able to fill pages and pages with examples of women who were abused or harassed. Of course, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Many victims do not speak because they know that they are very likely to be accused of lying. They know that their lives are at risk of being upside down. “… like a moth of fire, courting self-destruction. I tell the truth about you,” Penn wrote. She knew what would happen to her and talked to her anyway. Her story reminds women that talking about abusers still has to worry about sacrificing their lives and livelihoods.Still you still find men complaining about it “#MeToo is overkill.. Would you like to tell Peng about it?

    Rachel Johnson believes that “it’s hard not to sympathize with Ghislaine Maxwell, who I met easily in Oxford.”

    Boris Johnson’s sister really should have kept this very strange idea on herself, but she did it audience Instead. I can imagine that the British Prime Minister was not excited about this. Johnson outlines what he once saw when he saw “shiny Gramazon” Maxwell wearing high-heeled boots. Boris brothers thighs“. “Gramazon” is certainly ” Convicted Sex offender In court For the temptation of sexually trafficked children, perjury, and minors. “

    Increased awareness leads more women to diagnose autism

    English TV presenter Melanie Sykes She announced that she was diagnosed with autism at the age of 51. “Finally, so many things make sense,” Sykes said.Sykes Part of a wider trend The percentage of females newly diagnosed with autism in adulthood as awareness grows that autism is more than just a “male condition”.

    Inside the dangerous rise of a dropped sex toy

    Buying super cheap sex toys online turned out to be almost as safe as you do You can count on me.

    Baby Girl Found in the drain Discharged in Mumbai

    According to 2020 report According to the United Nations Population Fund, “between 2013 and 2017, about 460,000 girls were’missing’at birth each year in India.”

    U.S. Announces Sex Trafficking Suspects Against Philippine Church Leaders

    Apollo Carreon Kiboloi, a companion to President Rodrigo Duterte, is accused Execution of sexual trafficking activities It threatened a 12-year-old girl with “eternal punishment” and physical abuse.

    week of porktriarchy

    A live streamer of Chinese food known as Mr. Kang All-you-can-eat buffet is prohibited due to overeating.. Mr. Kang seems to have eaten 1.5 kg of pig’s trotter on his first visit and 3.5 to 4 kg of shrimp on another visit. He is not happy with his ban and complains that it is “discriminatory” to those who can eat a lot. My gut tells me that Mr Kang’s gut is the real victim here.

    Females still have to worry about talking about abuse at the expense of their lives | Alwa Mahadawi

    Source link Females still have to worry about talking about abuse at the expense of their lives | Alwa Mahadawi

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