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Felix CapitalLondon’s venture capital firm, which has built a portfolio that emphasizes startup investment in an ecosystem that supports creative classes, continues to expand into a wider range of categories, inviting two more partners, Julien Codorniou and Susan Lin.

Codorniou has been a longtime executive at Meta (formerly Facebook), working on a variety of business products. Most importantly, as a VP of Workplace, the company’s efforts to build a real-world version of Facebook.Lynn is an in-house promotion and may show how slow it is to come to the Power and Money Hall of Fame in the tech world, but she’s actually Felix’s because the company was the first. First female partner Established in 2015..

Felix, co-founded by longtime European investors Frederick Court and Antoine Nussenbaum, says it manages about $ 600 million in 47 active investments today.Or portfolio It includes a variety of businesses, including those that cross the food-e-commerce link, such as Deliveroo, HungryPanda, Oatly, AllPlants, and Frichti. Transport startups Dott and Heetch. Travel startup Perfect Stay and recruitment platform Job Today.

However, there is also a great deal of emphasis on startups launching creators and creative products and content. Alternatively, use a list that includes companies such as Farfetch, Business of Fashion, Moonbug, Mejuri, and Goop to help creators work. The same is true for Mirakl, SellerX, Sorare, Rally, Creative Fabrica, fraud prevention platforms Forter, Juni and more.

By adding two new partners, you can further expand the scope of Felix, specifically to more categories for filling in these existing fields.

Codorniou has experience building and evaluating productivity tools in the workplace and was previously Director of Business Development at Microsoft before Meta, but focused on areas such as future work (a fairly vague category). We will consider and fund the SaaS business by guessing. These days, as a result of a pandemic, work practices and work infrastructure have been forced to evolve rapidly). This is an area where Felix has recently doubled, and investments in Mirakl, Job Today, and Yoobic are all more generalized in terms of the rapid changes in the functionality and construction of working infrastructure. It is a part of the paper.

“I’ve spent the last five years talking to CIOs and CFOs and learning what they like and dislike,” he said. “Budget is shifting from IT to HR and we want to make the most of that convergence. Building a community at work, but I think the front line is also the next frontier, such as automation. “

Taking advantage of another area that has recently come a long way in both Meta and Europe, Cordorniou is considering helping TechCrunch, especially game startups emerging from farther corners of the European region. Told. The boundary between gameplay and monetization models. In the latter respect, games have long been an early move and have been some of the largest users of cryptocurrencies. Now, with the rise of a new kind of gamification around cryptocurrencies, it’s interesting to see how (and if) the wave of startups building gameplay to take advantage of it is seen.

He pointed out that there is also a talented connection between the two areas. “Obviously, NFTs are all the rage in today’s games,” Codorniou said. “Interestingly, the same people who worked in social mobile games 10 years ago are now building new companies in the play world for earning and encryption,” Sorare and Ledger said. , Two existing investments in the portfolio, showing where and how Codorniou and Felix will help startups in the future.

Codorniou participates as a partner in Felix, but as one of the founding advisors, he has a connection with the company. This is a group of formidable people, former founders, or executives who are devoted to Felix’s investment strategy as an LP. Without becoming a full member of the team. (Others include David Marcus, Stephanie Phair, and Henri Moissinac.)

Lin, meanwhile, has been with Felix for three years, and his previous investment role included working at Hg Capital and Bain. As a partner, we will focus on expanding our portfolio in another equally important direction. Physical and mental health and productivity. Felix already has a very decent foothold in this sector and is investing in Peloton, Ammind, Peanuts and Peppy among the start-ups that are already developing a wide range of health themes.

“Since I first joined Felix almost three years ago, it was clear that I had been on a unique team with a very supportive, ambitious, unique and inspiring vision and mission.” She said in a statement. “I love working with our own team, the founders, to help deepen our beliefs and investments in new areas such as consumer fintech and digital health. We appreciate your growth and trust and are excited to continue helping Felix become a unique partner of choice for the best founders. “

Felix Capital adds Julien Codorniou, ex-head of Meta’s Workplace; Susan Lin as newest partners – TechCrunch Source link Felix Capital adds Julien Codorniou, ex-head of Meta’s Workplace; Susan Lin as newest partners – TechCrunch

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