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    Feeling powerless in the pandemic? Four self-determination principles can help you take back some control

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    Omicron waves looked like the ebb and flow of the tide — slowly and suddenly All directions and at once.. Inside the healthcare system, Skeletonie Faced with an impossible workload, Moral pain..

    Other than that, people feel the weight of: Postponed care, Key worker with lower priority, Online learning When Doomscrolling.. People are suffering from isolation, injustice and polarization as well as COVID-19.

    Therefore, recent announcements Closed school When Updated limits Make some people feel that it’s all too much to maintain.

    But there are ways to go through the difficult stages of a pandemic. By creating a sense of purpose and community in the turmoil of COVID-19, it is possible to counter powerlessness and build power.


    As a researcher Social prescription— The act of using healthcare visits as a starting point for reconnecting people with health promotion Community service— I would like to share some steps we can all take today to get back to the basics of health promotion. Use self-determination to gain greater control over our own personal and shared experiences.

    Self-determination is a widely used approach in Health Promotion It derives from Two different research institutes: In psychology, how we build happiness in our lives, and in political science, how we govern together what is most important to us.

    In both traditions, the idea is Individual When set Levels, people can increase control for their health and well-being and improve their condition.


    First, we need to rediscover autonomy. It is the ability to make decisions on your own. When you feel that too much control has been taken away, making your own small decisions acts against “what’s important to me” because you worry about “what’s wrong with me” Can help you shift to waking up.

    With social prescriptions, participants do not wait for someone else to develop a treatment plan. They express their own well-being priorities and are supported to gain greater control over their own health goals.

    You can start with something small but healthy. Pick up a pencil Or go for Walk in nature, Or something more focused Access to housing support also Volunteer with others In your community.

    Fostering autonomy, both politically and at the community level, can appear to ensure that people provide support. Regional economic decisions,support Local public health and community organizations, Or surely Vaccine outreach It is scientifically accurate and culturally meaningful.


    Next, we need to evaluate our abilities. It is the ability to influence results and show one’s abilities to oneself and others.

    During a collective crisis, people can feel helpless in the face of greater power than they do. Social prescription allows participants to regain their strength and focus on what they can do, not what they cannot do. Do what they are good at..

    For the community, assessing competence is based on strengths or Asset-based approach Recognize the unique capabilities and expertise within the community. Trust relationship, Local ecological knowledge When Unrecognized training— Rather than focusing on the community deficit.


    Closely related to the sense of ability is to find benefits, the sense of having a positive impact on others.There is something that can be demonstrated The brilliance of the giver that comes from helpingAnyone can give something, regardless of the individual constellations of ability, health and privilege.

    Social prescription allows participants who wish to give back to lead volunteer activities and the design and implementation of new programs and services to help others.At a broader level, promoting collective benefits may look like this: Prosocial communication An approach that reminds us of how COVID-19 precautions help others, or opportunities to help others Access vaccine And support.


    Finally, we need to evaluate the relevance. It is a sense of connection and belonging to others and the world around us.Feelings Loneliness and social isolation Growing up during the COVID-19 pandemic, Health effects And happiness.

    Social prescription gives participants time and space to build relationships: with listening community connections, friends and family, or other participants who may have something in common.

    Collectively and politically, recognizing relevance can appear to support the corresponding policies. Man As both Workers and caregiversEnsuring shared protection of Global Vaccine Equity Or take action against ecological and climatic pressures that increase risk Zoonotic diseases..

    Self-determination means making your own decisions, taking pride in the work you do well, giving it to others, and feeling that you belong to it. Social prescriptions are not everything for everyone, but they show that personal and collective well-being, psychological and political self-determination are deeply intertwined.

    Start from one phoneA walk in the park will help poetry and gifts make a difference and begin the ability to overcome these difficult times together.

    People feel lonely in crowded cities, but green spaces can help

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