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    February winter storm: Early findings of root causes of outages – Riverside, California

    Riverside, California 2021-09-23 14:09:07 –

    Despite official statements from oil and gas supporters, Texas fossil fuel production was found to have declined significantly before a major power outage.

    Dallas — Editor’s Note: The video above is from the previous report in July.

    National energy regulators blew up Texas 10 years ago after a 2011 winter storm for failing to protect the energy system from the cold, leading to a catastrophic and historic power outage in this February winter storm. Billions of dollars were lost and hundreds of lives were lost.

    “This is a call for the awakening of all of us,” said Rich Glick, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), during a national briefing on the February winter storm in Texas.

    “There were similar investigations after Texas experienced the frigid in 2011, but those recommendations were not implemented,” he said. “We can’t allow this to happen again. This time, we need to take these recommendations seriously and act decisively to ensure that our high-capacity power systems do not fail the next time extreme weather events occur. Yes, I can’t and won’t allow this to be yet another report that serves no purpose other than collecting dust on the shelves. “

    In a subsequent media briefing, Glick said he was still at a loss as to why he did not follow the 2011 recommendations. He said it should never happen again.

    He also said Texas’ decision to do it alone on the power grid had devastating consequences. ERCOT is not connected to other power grids, primarily because Texas did not want to regulate the energy market. Glick said Texas “cut off his nose to tease his face,” and said these decisions cost people’s lives.

    The FERC has no authority over the ERCOT energy market, but has the power to regulate reliability.

    After the February storm, Texas lawmakers and state regulators passed legislation addressing several causes of the winter storm. However, they are far enough to overwinter power plants, especially natural gas facilities that fuel most of the state’s power plants, with meaningful deadlines to prevent future large-scale grid failures. It was widely criticized for not reaching it.

    On Thursday, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, FERC and NERC, released joint preliminary findings on the root cause of the February winter storm outage.

    Regulators have realized that the number one cause of power outages is the failure of wintering of state power plants.

    The second largest cause of power outages was fuel supply problems, primarily due to lack of natural gas. In fact, according to regulators, this was the largest monthly decline in US natural gas production.

    Regulators have found that despite official statements from oil and gas proponents, Texas fossil fuel production has declined significantly before the start of a major power outage after Valentine’s Day. ..

    “FERC and NERC laid it down today and said it was about half and half,” said Doug Lewin, an Austin-based energy expert. “About half of the power outages were gas outages that preceded the power outages, and the power outages caused further problems in the gas supply system, which I think everyone was skeptical of.”

    Lewin said the FERC and NERC preliminary findings reveal that natural gas supply systems need to be weatherproof or at serious risk of power outages in future winter storms. I said that.

    “You can insulate the power plant by a factor of nine. You can put a building around the power plant to prevent anything from freezing inside. But if you can’t get fuel You can’t drive, “he said.

    “These preliminary findings provide clear and comprehensive insights into what happened on the grid during the February freeze, and our joint recommendation is to load the next action to be taken to prevent recurrence. We’ll provide you with a map, “said Jim Rob, president and president. CEO of NERC. “Our collaborative efforts provide a way forward for both the electrical and natural gas industries. NERC and FERC are committed to working together to achieve this.”

    Regulators pointed out in a presentation that the ERCOT power outage was by far the worst of all power grids in the country during the week of February 14. Other power grids and regulators said the acquisition of electricity could mitigate power outages. From other grids. ERCOT cannot do this because it is not connected to any other grid by design.

    The February winter storm was the fourth winter event that led to major power outages across the country. But that was the worst of all of them-much more.

    The preliminary report presents nine important recommendations, including changes to mandatory reliability standards based on recently approved standards developed as a result of a 2019 joint study of previous cold events. .. Among them:

    • A revision that requires generator owners to identify and protect key components in cold weather.
    • Based on extreme temperature and weather data, build new units or modify existing ones to work with specific ambient temperatures and weather.
    • Take into account the effects of wind and precipitation in your winter plan.
    • Corrective action plan for generator owners who have experienced freeze-related outages.When
    • Make sure that the system operator is aware of the operational limits of the fleet it generates so that it can plan mitigation actions.

    Preliminary survey results and recommendations Available here..

    FERC, NERC, and regional entity staff will release their final report in November.

    February winter storm: Early findings of root causes of outages Source link February winter storm: Early findings of root causes of outages

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