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    Fear of COVID-19 infection at all-time high

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    A new analysis by the Australian National University (ANU) believes that more Australians will be infected with COVID-19 than ever before.

    A study of nearly 3,500 adults found that two in five Australians believe they are likely or very likely to be infected with COVID-19 within the next six months. rice field.This is April 2020 and Pandemic When 39.5 percent of Australians were worried about infection.

    Professor Nicholas Biddle, co-author of the study, said the risk of infection was four times higher than in April 2021.

    “In April 2021, 1 in 10 Australians, 10.7%, were worried that they might be infected with COVID-19,” said Professor Biddle. “Now, 40 percent of us think the same thing.

    “This is a big leap, and despite the fact that the majority of Australian adults are vaccinated with COVID-19, many of us have this disease at some point, especially as the country becomes more open. It shows that it is inevitable to get sick. More. “

    The study also found that demographics of people who were afraid of infection have changed significantly since the early stages of the pandemic.

    In April 2020, women were significantly more likely to be considered infected than men. However, in October 2021, there was no gender difference.

    The most likely age group to be infected is Australians between the ages of 35 and 44, with more than half, 53.8%, saying they are likely or very likely to be infected with COVID-19. The next largest cohort is Australians between the ages of 45 and 54, with 43.1% saying they are likely or very likely to get sick.

    Another “worry” tendency found in this study, says Biddle, is the number of Australians who are experiencing “serious” psychological distress despite increased life satisfaction. Said that it was a dramatic increase since August 2021.

    “We have been tracking the impact of COVID-19 throughout Australian society for almost two years,” said Professor Biddle. “This is the highest level of serious psychological distress we have ever seen.

    “In October, 12.5 percent of Australians said they were experiencing severe psychological stress, which is compared to the previous high of 10.6 percent in April 2020.”

    The study’s co-author, Professor Matthew Gray, said the latest research also provided “good news” and that the number of Australians is small and they feel they are facing great financial stress.

    “In October 2021, 21.4 percent of Australians didn’t think their current income would work, while 22.6 percent in August 2021 and 23.2 percent in April 2021. It was. “

    “We also found that household income continued to increase. The average income for February 2020 was estimated at $ 1,795 per week. By April 2020, this had decreased by 9.1%. It has decreased to $ 1,632.

    “By October 2021, average household income was $ 1,701 per week, so while not at pre-pandemic levels, Australians earn less pressure each week than in the midst of a pandemic. Looks like. And locks down.

    Professor Biddle said October seemed to be a small turning point in the recovery from the Australian pandemic.

    “Australian people are almost evenly divided depending on whether they think the worst side of the pandemic is over, 54.6% think the worst of the pandemic is behind us, and the remaining 45.4% are the worst. I think the situation is still going on. “

    Australians are more optimistic than Americans, with 45% of Americans saying the worst of the pandemic is behind them and 54% saying the worst is still going on.

    Analysis forms part of Australia’s largest and longest run Longitudinal study On the impact of a national pandemic led by the ANU Social Research and Method Center. Survey data was collected by the Social Research Center and Australian data archive..

    Australia’s blockade lows hit record highs

    For more information:
    This survey is available online.… October 2021-Putting

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