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    FDA panel debates lower-dose Moderna COVID shots for booster

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    US health advisers are discussing whether millions of Moderna-vaccinated Americans need to get booster shots. This time, use half of the original dose.

    Already millions of people who took their first Pfizer shot at least 6 months ago amplifier Of that brand. On Thursday, a Food and Drug Administration adviser evaluated evidence that Moderna boosters should also be provided. And on Friday, they will address the same question for those who have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson.

    US officials have emphasized that giving shots to 66 million unvaccinated Americans targeted for immunization is a priority. The highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus is at greatest risk as it burns nationwide.

    “It’s important to remember that vaccines still provide strong protection against serious consequences such as hospitalization and death from COVID-19,” said Dr. Peter Marks, FDA’s Head of Vaccines. Stated.

    However, Marks also said that all three coronavirus vaccines used in the United States have also been shown to have weakened protection against mild infections. Advisory Committee Consider whether the evidence supports similar booster recommendations for all of them. That’s because it “minimizes confusion” for the general public.

    Moderna is seeking FDA approval for boosters that are used in the same way as Pfizer. For adults over 65 years old or with others Health problemsWork and living conditions that increase the risk of serious coronavirus at least 6 months after the last dose.

    The FDA will use the advisor’s recommendations when deciding whether to approve the Moderna booster. If so, there is yet another hurdle: next week, a panel convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will provide more details on who should get it.

    The first two Moderna shots that everyone receives each contain 100 micrograms of vaccine. However, Moderna states that one 50 microgram shot is sufficient for boosters. According to the company, this will reduce unpleasant firing reactions such as fever and pain, while increasing the number of vaccines available for global supply.

    A Moderna study of 344 people found that booster doses spurred a major leap in virus-fighting antibodies, including antibodies that could target delta mutants.

    When Thursday’s deliberations began, FDA advisers quickly highlighted one confusing issue: people with a severely weakened immune system can already get a third full dose of Moderna. vaccination Immediately after the first vaccination — the question is whether they too should be eligible for boosters. It will be their fourth dose.

    FDA’s Next Agenda: Moderna Booster Shot, J & J Vaccine

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