Fauci urges Americans not to get boosters before they qualify


Dr. Anthony S. Forch, the nation’s top infectious disease doctor, defended President Biden’s decision to announce the availability of Covid booster shots before regulatory weighting last month and was vaccinated in the United States. I urged people to wait until they were eligible for additional shots. Get one

Dr. Fauci’s remarks on three Sunday morning news programs Following Friday’s vote According to the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory board, people who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine are recommended to receive a booster if they are 65 years of age or older or at high risk of developing severe Covid-19. The panel’s recommendations represented a more limited plan than Mr. Biden’s proposal. Was announcing During the summer he said, from September 20th, all fully vaccinated Americans will be eligible for booster shots eight months after the last dose.

Panel members have considered the vaccine evidence and determined that there is not yet sufficient evidence to recommend additional shots to young and healthy people. Continue to protect For the group’s severe illness and death.

The FDA is expected to make booster decisions in the coming days. Normally, you will follow the advisory board’s recommendations, but you do not have to.

Mr Biden’s announcement was about the FDA’s regulatory agencies, given that it was made before the FDA evaluated the data on whether shots were needed. Two top vaccine officials soon announced they would leave the agency this fall Part of the problem..

Dr. Forch talked about NBC’s Meet the Press, Biden said he was “not ahead of science,” and the president said the plan always relied on FDA approval.

“I don’t think people understand the difference in any plans. In reality, the factors, their proportions, and the actual deployment,” he said. “And that’s exactly what happened.”

Dr. Forch also urges Americans to be patient and wait until they are eligible for additional injections, with data on whether they need data on whether additional injections of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are needed. He added that it would only take a few weeks.

“We are currently working to provide the data to the FDA so that the FDA can look it up and make decisions about boosters for those people,” he said. .. “They are never left behind.”

Dr. Forch said he hoped the booster’s plans would change as more information came in about how the original vaccine worked. “More and more data is being accumulated in real time,” he said in this week’s article on ABC. “The data is continually reviewed and recommendations are subject to change.”

Dr. Francis S. Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, reiterated these remarks on CBS’s Face the Nation, which could expand the category of people eligible for additional shots in the “next few weeks.” Said there is.

Dr. Forch also confirmed that the timeline for vaccination approval for children under the age of 12 continues this fall. About 48 million children You are under the age of 12 in the United States and are not eligible for vaccination.

Pfizer said it plans to announce the results of the pediatric vaccine trial by the end of September. Dr. Fauci said the outcome of Moderna’s trial would probably come in the coming weeks.

“From mid-autumn to late autumn, children between the ages of 11 and 5 will see enough data to make vaccination decisions,” he said.

Fauci urges Americans not to get boosters before they qualify

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